Zena Kelso: Leaders of Russia, France and Germany to join efforts in fighting terrorism RESPONSE

At last the world can rely on a Man like Russian President Vladimir Putin spearheading the joint efforts in fighting terrorism in the world.   So far we have had  politically correct pansies languishing in pathetic denial (France - Chirac and his Saddam deal, his salivating appeasing to France's muslim). England  and Canada have allowed the Muslims to get hold of their politicans.  Canada has legalised Sharia law and it is a crime to critique Islam - England will soon follow this fall. 
Islamic terrorism is a mere tool (jihad) .  The real fight is against the ideology behind it, just like the war against Nazism.  Every muslim (apostates not included as they are targets for elimination by the 'pukka' muslims together with all infidels (non muslims) is a terror arm, able and capable of operating independently.   Islamic terrorism is not the normal kind of enemy.  The ideology behind it has to be fought and eliminated.  That is the kind of strategy the world needs.  It has to be done now, tomorrow will be too late.
To defeat and eradicate this terrible virus one must know oneself and one must know the enemy.   The ideology of Islamic terrorism is found in the Quran - the holy book of terror.   President Putin should engage, if he has not already, experts on Islam to work out the strategy of elimination.  One good source is www.faithfreedom.org    There is an article by Ali Sina outlining such a strategy in an open letter to President Bush.    There are other experts in that website. Consult them. 
Ask yourself, dear readers, why are Christians and Jews and people of other faiths explicitly forbidden  to say their prayers even in the confines and privacy of their homes in Saudi Arabia.  Why must every single foreigner submit to the law of the land with the death sentenace hanging over their heads?   Ask yourself why are Muslims, who live in the polluted, decadent, infidel West allowed to build their mosques and allowed to practise their faith whereas  Christians are subjected to the most atrocious form of punishment in Egypt, Sudan, and every other muslim country?  Their churches burnt down, their women raped, their men murdered.       This will be the lot of every single non muslim if Islam is not eradicated and eliminated like Nazism.  The world got rid of Hitler and Nazism.   The world can do the same to Islam.  There is no other choice .  
Dear readers, we cannot fight singly, but we can fight against the ideology and the evil of Islam collectively.   Read that website.  Read also the column Islam in the News.  If you value your freedom, your democracy, your very life and the lives of your children and grandchildren,  do your part.  Be aware.
Zena Kelso

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova