We will not/will win the war on terrorism

Four days ago, Bush stated what on was probably in the backs of the minds of all Americans, and that is we will not win the war on terrorism. 
Yesterday, Bush stood on the podium at the Republican National Convention and made known that we will win the war on terrorism. 

John Kerry, who became a Bush punching bag for making vacillating statements, has every right to chuckle over Bush’s own mixed messages.  What to make of it all, one wonders.  Simply put, Bush has no idea whether or not the United States can protect itself from terrorist acts. 

The only person in America making any claim of victory is Bush – while our own Homeland Security raises and lowers the threat level and we are being told to be afraid, be very afraid, Bush surrounded by several thousand Secret Service agents is not at ground level with mortal mankind.  No wonder he sees a complete victory under his presidency.   

America still sniffles over 9/11 and we are so willing to give up everything so that we will be safe – who, I ask help create Bin Laden?  Russia, a country that has been hit more times than one cares to count, is stunned by three attacks in two weeks.  Our Generalissimo Grosse Bush, whose heroism comes from one week-end a month party soldier has offered to help Russia – keep in mind this is the man who has never faced hostile fire. 

What can Bush offer?  He vacillates, takes drugs to keep him somewhat level, and sees the very enemy of the state in his own cabinet and any one who disagrees with him.  Can he offer a plan? Can he offer action?  Can he suggest Russia become a US protectorate?  

What can Bush really offer?  How about telling the truth? How about stepping down?

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova