Once again terrorists cause more misery in Russia

I have seen some low life things in my time – but grabbing a school full of children takes it.
Grown men and women armed with bombs and guns have chosen to hold children as hostages.  Children, who have neither the ability to fight back, nor the training, are now being pulled into a radical Moslem twisted mentality of a war of god only knows what. 

These psycho, radical, Moslems are proving beyond all doubt the mindset of the movement is one of cowardness and weakness.  With covered faces they hide their true identities for fear of retaliation and they hide behind a shield of children. 

The radical Moslem movement tries to convince an audience they are not afraid to die, but they slither along the ground as festering, cancerous, vipers in hopes they do not have to face retribution. 

They the lack self esteem and conviction to stand up in a fair fight against an armed force.   They cower as hens in a hen house.    

These people discredit true Moslems, they discredit the very name of Allah, and they disgrace themselves.   

Your actions will not bring peace to Chechnya.  Your actions will bring only more death and more destruction to a land you yourselves have turned into a wasted soil.  There are legal means to secede, but that is too far above you – your separation must be paid for in blood.  The blood of your brothers and your sisters, and the blood of your parents – and for what? 

The true Moslem world is starting to worry that there might be a war against the faith of Islam – you validate and bring closer to that prospect through your actions.  You are leaving the world no other choice than to look upon all Moslems with contempt, mistrust, and disdain. 

It is not Allah you represent, you are the seed of Satan, the fruit of his loins, lower than all the creatures who crawl on their bellies and hide from the eyes of Allah.  You rewrite the Koran and make actions that are against the will of Allah.  

Your remains should be wrapped in the entrails of swine – you would be rejected from Heaven and you will have killed and been killed only to be sent to a horrid place where you will suffer the wraith of the hell you have earned. 

Some day soon, if you persist in your ways, some one, some where, will take to bombing mosques filled with women, children and old men.  And, they will not stop.  And, I hope that day comes soon.  If you want jihad – then, let this thing be done. 

You are the satanic verses and a world defecates on you, your cause, and your memory.  It is you who is the unholy of the unholy ones.  It is good that Abraham did not give his birth right to Ishmael for you would have desecrated that too in your pathological march to ruin all that God has given this world.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova