Russia and USA should stand together against terrorism

Dear PRAVDA editors and citizens of Russia:
Please know that the people of America are praying for the safe release of your school hostages, and that we share in your grief about the tragic loss of your citizens aboard the two terrorist-downed airliners.

It would appear that both of our nations are under continuous hit-and-run terrorists attacks. We would do well to remember the lessons learned by our fathers and grandfathers during the Great Patriotic War. When confronted by a common enemy, we set aside our differences and stood shoulder to shoulder, united against facism. We were victorious, even though in the early days of your surprise Nazi invasion and our terrible losses during the Japanese sneak-attack on Pearl Harbor it appeared that we were weak and totally unprepared. In many ways we were, both of our nations. 
But when confronted with a common enemy we became one mighty force united to destroy fascism, and no power or combination of powers could stand against us. This remains true to this very day, and there is some evidence that we are being attacked by the same secretive and vicious forces. Have we forgotten the lessons taught us by our fathers and grandfathers? Can we not set aside our differences once more to face these hidden and secretive enemies who attack us on our own soil?

Those who defended our nations wrote that lesson for us with their own blood. Can we now forget the sacrifices they made to show us how to work together when both are threatened by a common enemy?
I hope our national leaders and security agencies can unite to hunt these killers down. They do not -and cannot-attack our troops. Instead they kill women and children and helpless men without warning. I ask the people of Russia, and the leadership of both our nations, to focus on defending us against similar attacks in both nations by becoming Allies once again, standing together and invincible in the face yet another common enemy. There is ample evidence that the terrorists killing your citizens have strong ties--and were perhaps trained by--the same enemies who killed so many of my countrymen and women on 9/11. The time has come once more for us to fight a menace together, and should we learn to do this they would have utterly no hope of victory. 
 May God watch over your hostages, and bring comfort to their families.
Kent Ballard, 
South Brazil, Indiana, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova