Readers on taking hostages at Beslan school

Message to President Putin

Dear Mr. President, if you want to curb these suicide bombers, ID them before, during and after the act.  Then go after their families, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters the whole bunch of them.  Confiscate homes, cars or what ever they have.  Maybe, just maybe this might turn the tide on all this worthless nonsense.  It should be done all over the world.  That is the only way I can see to stop all this.  The school being hijacked this morning by these people is just sickening.  I know President Bush is on your side.

Dear Sir,
another sad story in Russia, this time involving children.
surely, the patience threshold in Russia must be very high indeed.

The question is now, when is the Russian government going to say: enough is enough.


Dear editor,

The terrorist events of the last week including the recent taking of children as hostage should demonstrate clearly that Islamic terrorism of the sort being fought by the United States world wide is seriously present and rampant in Russia.

Chechnya Islamists are training and exporting terrorist world wide, and are no longer content to use the facade of a free Chechnya State as the basis of their terror.

Wake up people, and begin to fight terrorism.
Jim Feely
Alpharetta, GA

I am praying for the safety of the children and the other hostages.
Let the monsters who are doing this evil act pay the full price for it.

Fred Goepfert
Charlotte, NC USA


Dear Editor,

My first thoughts going out to the families of the people killed in the terrorists attacks in Moscow and Beslan. My second thoughts are for the parents and families who's children or relatives are under gun point  in the school in Beslan.

Like some of Pravda.Ru readers write: "How much can a country take?"
Is keeping calm and silent indeed a message of dignity for the terrorist like some Russian news media say?

Maybe it's time to find  the financiers of these in the West called freedom fighters or rebels.

It must at least be possible for the Russian intelligence units like the FSB and the GRU to know who is behind these men or groups of men. (probably they already know)

At the end it wouldn't surprise me that a state or a group of states is the driving force behind these Chechen fighters or Islamic movements.

Maybe some of our "partners" where the Russian foreign ministry is glad to refer to at news communiquй's are involved in this.

There is a lot of oil in the neighborhood and transportation systems for oil or gas are build or being build.

People did  fight and die for less in history!

Maybe it's possible for the Russian secret services to find the whereabouts and structures for combat training or logistics were these terrorist can train and developed their skills in killing children. Like I already mentioned, it wouldn't surprise me that foreign states are involved. If so, than these states must be held responsible for the deeds of their countrymen
or the happenings on their territory, even if the respective government denies any wrongdoing. (After all, George Bush did the same with Afghanistan and the Taliban regime, at that time he got support from all over the world including

The point I want to make is the following: Make it no longer a fight within Russian borders. Find the culprits outside Russia, (follow the money), and with the help of your secret services, put up a plan, so Russian military forces can destroy the culprits outside Russia. The attack must be so painful for them
(destroying infrastructure worth billions of American dollars) that it can be seen as an example.

Bottom message must be: Stay with you're hands of our territorial integrity or it cost you dearly!

At the end of the day, these things are simple. If geopolitical
interference, for obtaining energy resources or transportation routes  are to costly to obtain, because war have also an invoice, than the terrorist and their middleman must look for another job.

Of course, Russia can stay on the path of vocabulary confrontation, the so called active diplomacy. Under the umbrella:" We  show the world how civilized we are, we stay on the path of world integration, even if our people are slaughtered on the streets of the capital, we still can sell with a good feeling more tons of oil to our "partners" , that's what matter, because this makes the Russian people richer and more happier (some of them), and we can further describes the events in Moscow, North-Ossetia and Chechnya like a weather man who tells about the weather without doing something to change it! "  than probably, there are more terrorist acts to come.

And I hear those professional diplomats thinking: "And what are the consequences, if the above plan would be carried out! It would mean the end of the United Nations where we put so much emphasis on, the end of the political structure of the world! That would be destroyed by our military campaign. Maybe total isolation for Russia ( that I doubt, the world need
your resources more than ever, and not only the West, and when Russia would clearly make a military punch, the West including the USA would sit tight and watch to see who is the one with the bloody nose )

I know  that the Voice of Russia (English world service  from Russia) makes regular reference to history and the lessons we have to learn from history.

Well, I wonder, how did it come that during Soviet times these terrorist were not active, certainly not on this scale?
Would Gromyko had to make the statements that Lavrov must make today?

You Russians know the answer  better than I do. I am just a Belgian citizen who mustn't care because it doesn't touch me.
But I can't help it, it touches me too!

Guy B.

School terror

How cowardly and evil are the terrorists who have taken your school children hostage.  I pray for the safe release of the children, teachers and parents.  The Russian people must stand up to terrorists and take firm action.  Your entire nation's freedom is at stake when evil people try to harm your future by attacking your children, who are the future of Russia.  May God bless and protect those children.
Ed Albert
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Chechen terrorists

Dear Sirs,
As a citizen of the United States who witnessed some of the the events on September 11, 2001, I wanted to convey my sympathies for the suffering of the Russian people after the recent attacks on airlines and subways, and now, the taking of innocent school children as hostages.
I understand that the Chechen situation is complex, but the actions taken by Chechen rebels -or better Chechen Terrorists--are beyond the pale of acceptable acts.    These are not acts of those seeking independence, but of those who seek to destroy your country.   We pray for the safety of your children and for your success of the in the struggle against our common enemy, Islamic terrorists.
Joe Lewelling
Arlington, Virginia

Latest terrorist actions

To the people of Beslan,

My heart goes out to all of you, especially the parents of those poor children trapped in the school with those animals.  I just wanted you to know that people are with you from all parts of the world.  I really hope that negations go well and your loved ones are returned to you in good health very soon.

John Yarno
Snoqualmie, WA USA

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