United States and Europe

Dear Pravda,
I'm writing to tell your international readers something they won't hear in the NY Times, LA Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Boston Globe, Washington Post, etc. And that is, a majority of Americans dislike, even hate Europe. We've been told by the leftist media that the world hates us now, as if we should tremble in shame. Well, shame on Europe. Old, decadent socialist europe. As far as many of us are concerned, Mr Putin could line up his tank divisions and roll across the southern plains, and have Germany, France, Spain, and the other cowards. Our grandfathers saved their lives from Hitler, but the grandchildren of WW2 are spoiled, complacent, and
afraid to fight for their lives, let alone others. If the U.N. is so great, why don't they give a damn about the slaughter in Africa? Because they are corrupt, and their time is past. The US should withdraw from the corrupt (oil for food) UN, and bring all European deployed forces home. Time to stand up for yourselves Europe. Good Luck, you'll need it. In regards to the
United States war on Islamic Fascists - If they are trying to kill us, we might as well go where they live and kill them first. Act in friendship, you get it back. Act as an enemy...

Dave Jones
Plainwell, Michigan
United States of America

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova