George Person: Stalin – Who does Russia love more? RESPONSE

Quo Vadis ? Where do the leaders of Russia want to take their people now? 
When it comes to Stalin, Mother Russia must make a choice. 
Who does Russia love more ? Is it Jesus Christ or is it Stalin?!
What the Russians need to do is imagine they are standing in front of the Son of God and the Creator of our world and think in the absolute sense of the horror and injustice of Stalin, and whether he's worthy or not of any verbal defense on their parts...Does any Russian man, woman or child want to test his wisdom about the ruthless homicidal leader with the Master of the Universe?!
Stalin is a man who can only be set free by the Son of God...for so ungodly were Stalin's actions on Earth...
Stalin , ultimately must stand alone before the Lamb's throne--kneeling before the Master of the human race and answer," Why he deserves mercy?!"...Stalin must stand alone for his crimes against Russian humanity...Hard core Russian communists of today, and even men like President Putin, whose personalities and spirits have been formulated by the Soviet era, must be honest with themselves, much like Khrushchev, and inquire of themselves, was  Stalin's path the best path for Russia?! Was it right of Stalin to have eliminated so much of his intellectually talented competition to secure his reign on absolute power of Russia--thru political murder and terror?!
If I were defending Stalin, I would ask several questions of Jesus.......Was Stalin even human?! Was there a time when the child of Stalin was pleasing in the site of God?! If all his victims forgave Stalin in their heart of hearts, is Stalin forgivable? What can modern Russia do today, to mitigate the crimes of Stalin in the promotion of world peace and prosperity -a llowing Stalin to enjoy a bearable eternity?!
Perhaps a prayer for the Russian soul should be, that all sons of Russia, whether they be noble or notorious, be allowed to return to their supernatural families of their ancestry...that Stalin's father and grandfathers take the young boy, and bring the love into his life, that brings him closer to the Creator of the Universe --- the maker of time space stars and cosmos - in all its immensity, losing sight of Stalin's iniquities, forgetting the evil man's sin, where even his friend Lenin is reunited with his older brother in the peace and mercy of Christ...a mind boggling eternity thru the Prince of Peace...
If President Putin uses the power of Russia for spiritual development, he'll be a Field Marshall in the Forces of Christ-in the Order of St. George , and be a closer and dearer brother of the Most Holy, as he one day sees the humble and majestic glory of St. Michael defending humanity against the invisible evil which brings a good man's soul down....and the only enemy President Putin really ever had, was the dark and sinister forces of Satan, working into overtime to separate humanity from the love of God forever and ever...where only the Prophets and  the Ancient Rabbis witnessed thru dream and vision ,as testified  thru their inspired pens, bringing the Old Testament to the human race, where their younger  spiritual brothers speak of the King of the Jews, who came to the common man of Israel to bring peace and salvation for both me and you... 
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova