Jeff Boyd: Question about Israel

Hello Timothy,

Read your opinion about Israeli/Palestinian issue and have a several questions I would like to ask you.  You seem like a sincere and honest person expressing a view that I fundamentally do not understand and would appreciate your answering several questions to help me understand your

I can understand the perspective of people saying that they want to destroy Israel and saying the land belongs to the Palestinians.  Is this your basic position?

What I do not understand is the position of those who argue that the West Bank wall or Israeli activities such as those you condemn in the article are immoral and yet believe Israel has a right to exist in the Middle East.

Is your line of argument that if Israel pulls back to 1967 borders and allows the right of return everyone will live happily ever after?

If this is your position, why then did so many Arab states keep attacking Israel prior to the 1967 war?

If the 1967 borders are the solution, why didn't Jordan and Israel simply hand over Gaza and the West Bank to the Palestinians prior to 1967 and avoid the last two wars?

Last; assuming you believe the 1967 borders are the key, would you then be o.k. with Israel building the wall on their territory to keep Palestinians out given the past violence?

Thank you.

Jeff Boyd
Madison, Wisconsin

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova