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Dear people of Russia,
I was shocked, horrified, and saddened by what happened to your people this week.  I taught in Tver in the Summer of 1994 and 1996 and I fell in love with your country and the people.  I think these acts of terrorism were so horrible.  My prayers go out to all the people who have lost family members and friends and to the people of Russia in general.  I hope whoever has done this to your beautiful country will soon be brought to justice.Peace to you all.
Carol Ellen Kowalik
Buffalo, NY


Dearest Friends accross the sea,

Please accept our sincere  and sad condolences for the horrific tragedy which has befallen your country.  We here in Michigan (U.S.A.)  are very sad for you and we pray that God comes to you and holds you in the palm of his hand until this can be dealt with .

Please know that we as Americans are doing everything that we can to get rid of all of these horrible terrorists so that we can live in a peaceful world.  We want you all to be happy. We do not war.  We never have.  The things that  we hear said about us  are such crap.  We love you all and we want to trust Pres. Putin.  George Bush loves God and is a Christian.  He is strong and a loving man.  Let us  trust each other and get through this mess together so that we  can have a peaceful future.  God Bless Russia and all iher people.


Margo Radulovich

Airline crash

Dear Timothy and the people of Russia,

I want to extend my condolences to the families of both these planes.   We in the USA our truly saddened by your loss.  As a pilot I read of these disasters in hopes of learning what to look for whether technical or from terrorist activity that I might learn from this loss.  We are highly concerned about keeping passengers and crews safe.  I hope that as this investigation continues Pravada will keep communication channels open that we may all learn from this great loss.

My prayers go with your nation and the families of those lost.  I was particularly moved by the family that lost newly weds since my daughter and her husband just flew out on their honeymoon.  I truly grieve for them and pray they my find strength amid this great loss.

Major Joseph Wenrich, CAP-USAF  

Air crash

Please express my deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of the fatal air crashes this week.  With the timing of the events it is difficult to think that anything but terrorist actions are to blame.
It is incumbent upon the civilized countries of the world to band together to fight those who would indiscriminately murder innocent men, women and children.  There is no spot in hell hot enough for these people.
Again my deep sympathies and sincere prayers for the families and for those innocent lives lost.
An American Citizen, 
San Francisco, California

So sorry

Dear friends I am so very for your lose. May god keep you all in his loving arms. I will keep you in my prayers.
Rita Kowalik
West Falls, NY


We give our deepest condolence and sympathy from Sweden to all family’s affected by this act of terror.

The world must stand united against all form of terrorism. 

God bless the victims. 

Christer Ornestad,

Airline disaster

Dear Editors at Pravda,
The terrible loss of life aboard the two downed planes has reverberated around the world. While it is a shocking loss for the Russian nation - it is a devastating catastrophe for the families of the innocents who died.
If this proves to be a terrorist action I hope it binds and reinforces Russian resolve to find and punish the cowardly murderers.
My sincere sympathies are extended to the families of the passengers and crews. 
Tom Storm


Survivors of the victims of the airplane crashes, please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss and pain.  If it turns out either or both crashes were intentional, then I wish swift justice to the perpetrators.  Whether our governments agree on the best way to keep the world safe in the future, please understand that both our nations are full of good people who want peace and freedom, and empathize whenever tragedy occurs.

Todd F. Johnson
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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