We grieve with you - readers' letters of response to the air crashes

Dear Readers:

First of all my deepest sympathy goes out to all the families that are directly or indirectly affected in this terrible tragedy. May God bless them and the victims' souls.
Second, I'd like to say that either way, if this circumstance happens to be terrorism or just a catastrophic event, the matter at hand is that people were innocently killed in the act. If the event proves to be a terrorist act, action will undoubtedly be taken and the evil conspirators will be subjected to their own justice.

As a Polish-American I feel a bit more closely related to the situation.

May God bless Russia and all it's citizens.

Lorie Jozwiak
20 yr. old student
Chicago, IL, USA

Air crashes

May I first express my deepest sympathy for your loss of citizens and guests in the two airline crashes.  I hope and pray your citizens will not be swayed in your upcoming elections and that you remember having lived through fears in your lives and have overcome to get this far.
I regret the UN participated in forcing Islam on your Country.  May you have the ability to force them out and back to their own desert lands.  Although Islam or one of its many military branches may not be the cause of these two fatal incidents one cannot help but wonder.
May our God be with you in your sorrow and in your strength for tomorrow.
Reverend Jim Martin


May I offer my sincerest condolences and sympathy the to grieving families in Russia who have lost family members and loved ones, in the air accidents on Tuesday.

Charles Fargo

I grieve with you

The people that die is such a way, it is always sad. I mourn
with you, people. If only the world could live in peace,
it would be such a beautiful place. May God bless the
people that were lost and receive them in Heaven with
open arms   

May god watch over you all

Jim Couch

Air disaster

I wish to express my solidarity with the Russian people in their opposition to the evil which was responsible for bringing down the 2 airplanes, and my sympathy for the families of those killed.
I hope that your security forces will be successful in bringing the perpetrators to justice swiftly, and be assured that whatever measures are employed to prevent this happening again will have my total support.
Alan Slomowitz
Cape Town, South Africa

Our deepest sorrow

My family and I wish to express our deepest sympathy to the familys who have lost loved ones and friends in the terrible air tragedy this last week. You are in our prayers and may God comfort you.

Larry L. Gibboney, Denver ESD

Sympathy for air crash victims and families

Sincere sympathy to the victims and families who lost loved ones in the recent air crashes.  May God comfort you.
We share your concern that these may have been terrorist events and stand with you in working to prevent such future activities.  None of us will be safe unless all nations take a hard stand against all terrorists.
E Albert
North Carolina, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova