Bob: Berglin is interesting

He is well versed in the problems of America. When they come from a specific direction seems to be his passion. 
Can he not go to his roots and look also? There are no perfect people and there is no perfect government on the face of this planet. Not even in the promised land.
Well Michael I was there too from about the time they bickered at the 49th Parallel. And I've been to other places too. One made me the person the people that have gone places since love to talk too. I know a little.
These others are not good and we'll call their hand and raise them one!
Here's a tidbit for you. Those Chinamen on the tracks out West were called ''Coolies'..further East on the slightly more expensive part of the tracks they were called poor white people. A positive note here might be hardly any Chinamen lost their lives plus their land.
Another morsel  Rabbi? The Cuban Missili Crisis. Jump in the F-101 with me. We knew we had them around Russia. But we felt we knew at that time they were there were there to only shoot back.
Maybe others didn't know this.
Today we don't need George W Krushchev Jr and Nikita S Bush getting together to try and solve problems do we?
We need something else and I believe it's 'our turn'.
Rabbi what's with the new setllements and that roadmap?
This would be good for you to explain.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova