Catine Perkins: HUMMM! Michael Berglin's story

"Presidential predictions" was interesting, indeed, but since this was written about my nation, across the water, I "gotta" know some patterns. After all, Michael Berglin's wife mentioned "too many glasses of wine" which alerted me.

A quick switch from national drink of vodka to wine could have grave effects, unless, some French genes, are kicking about. That is a possibility for a Russian, I do believe.

Then too, is the wine a dry, red wine also is it a Georgian wine?
These hidden factors are important to me, since I am trying
to "get into the head" of Pravda's writers. After all, years of
brain washing, still lurks, so I keep digging for some depth
and understanding.

AND THEN, I had to read about Rasputin, since there was much humor wrapped in  some truths. But all in all, whatever psychological twists or turns, the Last Czarina and her Rasputin brought Russia down into a blood bath that set Russia back for a long time. The losses cannot be calculated beyond the grave suffering of her people. But the humorous approach was refreshing, since this was a subject, once opened, I went over with a fine tooth comb with much effort, to try to understand "what happened!"

Thank you,

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Tx

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova