"To be killed" From Asian Arts magazine 1933

I saved some of these publications from the trash bin, when a newly graduate curator "History of Arts" degree came to Original Gump's  in Oriental Antiques and Jade room, as a new

No doubt, threaten by two artistic knowledgable elderly men but never the less, this has meaning for me today also.

The drawing shows a smiling mother tossing her son in the air, who is also full of smiles. In bold hand made letters...it reads...TO BE KILLED! it is written...as such!

He's going to grow up to go to war?
No...he's never going to grow up at all.
If another war comes, he and his mother and thousands of others, like them are going to "die in action."

"Impossible!" you say. "They're non-combatants." Don't be silly...there'll be no such thing as non-combatants in the next war.

Wide-crusing submarines, and bombing planes will laugh at the front lines.

Gas...gas so powerful that one drop on your skin will kill you...will not be particular whose skin it touches.  There will be no haven, no sanctuary, no safety. Everyone will suffer.

And for what? Glory...where was the last war?

Victory...where was it in the last peace?

With that cruel lesson still fresh in the mind, is another  war be forced  upon us...a war infinitely more horrib le, more futile, and more lasting in it's harm than the last?

What to do about it?

Hysterical protest won't avert another war, any more than will "preparedness!"

Civilization must build it's own defense out of human reason and intelligence properly organized and applied.

To every reasonable and intelligent man and woman in America goes the responsibility of doing his and her share to avert the coming war.

World Peaceways offers a practical plan of how you can help.
Write for it. There is no obligation involved in your inquiry, and to your conviction...that there must be no more wars.  World Peaceways, Inc., 103 Park Ave. New York City...The end!

Going back in just a little "smugging" of time, everything changes and nothing changes.

So now, we are fortunate to have this grand building in Washington, D.C. appropricated  and funded by our Congress and various  International Monitary Funds ...called ...United States of America Institute of Peace....

What are they doing, pray tell in mass murders of innocents where ever one turns by thousands?

The fallen mores of the United States of American military medicine that excelled the private medicine at Brooke Army, Fort Sam Houston, along with Water Reed in Washington, D. C. has fallen to debauchery.

Do we become what we are taught to hate over a period of time?

Was it instinctive....this hate virus.. because surely most did not read Alexander Solzhenitsyn's volumes on "Gulag Archipelago!" to learn these horrofic tricks in prisons....to prisoners.

Remember, we were told what "nice" people Americans were compared to those Barbarian Soviet's.

So where are the non-profits and "think tanks" that are so aptley funded and what are they doing in the mist, of all these killings, of which these "nice" people are doing for naught.
Are these "think tanks" liken to fish tanks... where the water needs cleaning and flushing, constantly, or even thoughts under these conditions ...can be inbred without a soul?

Was World Peaceways, Inc. non-profit? Or was one simply to send them money?

Does anyone out there know, since it did not work.

Very sincerely yours,

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Tx

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova