George Person: Rasputin - the Supernatural battlefield

When it comes to Jesus, did Rasputin love him?! When it comes to God, did Rasputin love him?!  If a man confesses just a second before his death of his sins, with purity, love and contrition, the Creator of the Universe will not deny him His love and mercy. For even if Rasputin's soul was worth only a dirty, tarnished penny...that penny invested wisely, will eventually grow into an enormous amount of wealth....given plenty of time, suffering in hard purgatory...for the mustard seed is the smallest of the seeds, yet, grows into a very big tree...which the winged creatures of the sky rest their wings and make their homes...thus, paying for his sin on Earth down to the last penny....he did not kill anybody...Rasputin loved Russia...with all his heart and all his spiritual powers, that the Holy Men of Russia's ages could bestow upon him...for it would take a mad man to approach the throne of Russia and offer his services as a man of God and a healer, in times of political turmoil in Russia. For Rasputin served His King by laying his hands upon his sick son, showing the mighty power of the common man of Russia's antiquity energizing the Siberian peasant's soul...demonstrating to the royalty of Russia and the royalty of Earth, the role the common men play when serving their Lord Jesus....for there's nothing on Earth which will make Jesus blush...he's seen it all...and any man who is for Him, no matter how imperfect, will have the power of all of Heaven behind him.....and like Saint Paul, who was bitten by a poisonous serpent, Rasputin was unaffected by the attempted poisoning by Russian royalty...for Rasputin's guardian angel neutralized the poison's effects...even after being shot several times and bound and gagged, Rasputin died of drowning not poisoning!... How much more divine intervention does a man need to penentrate a country's head?!...Had Rasputin walked on water, and the ropes fell off his hands and feet, and his blood turn into rubies, the Russians would still have scorned him as a devil...heros of our times can have human failings too...for they are men of the flesh, where sometimes the flesh is willing and the spirit is weak...yet , stand up heroically and meet their death, what more can Russia ask from the man...
Perhaps, the mind of Rasputin was a battlefield, where the forces of light and darkness battled...the good and evil which dwells within man...and even so, even when mankind was infested by demonic forces, Jesus could see the light of our souls shine through, and was willing to go on a one way mission to bring the human race into the house of God, where they will worship, sing, and glorify His name forever and ever....and what Rasputin represented is how the very commonest people can emerge from materialistic deprivation to serve their King in the most uncommonest of ways, showing the world the meaning of the Star of David, that those who are first in this world will be last, and those who were last will be first...perhaps when this world grows up and sees the poetry all around them, they will emerge once and for all as a united meeting the daily needs of a growing planet...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova