Fred Goepfert: Response to George Person's Presidential predictions

I’m a Fundamentalist Christian Republican from Charlotte, NC USA.
I take deep offense at George Person's (if there really is such a individual) letter on Presidential Predictions.

The supposed humor was crude and insulting.

I know a bunch of Liberal Americans.

Although I don’t agree with some of their methods and some of their goals, I recognize that they, like I, would like to constructively shape a better world.

Mr. Person's mocking statements do nothing to generate an agreeable consensus.

There are people who fit Mr. Persons description, but they are not the people who are Liberals that I know. Those who I know are hard working, somewhat put upon, and possessed of ideals that they would like realized. I love and respect their ideals. I only differ in determining a  means for their realistic implementation.

I feel that he took a “cheap shot”, just as those did who condemned President Putin for his aggressive approach against Yukos. As far as the Yukos matter is concerned; at its worst it’s a grab for state power and wealth for a few new oligarchs. At its best, it may be a courageous attempt to create a modern capitalist-based economy which is socially responsible.

I will not vote for John Kerry. I think that he has a lot of explaining to do about his promotion of his limited Viet Nam war experience. Nevertheless, I am confident that he has honest intentions to rule the country.
Fred Goepfert,
Charlotte, NC USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova