John L. Marcinek: PRAVDA.Ru writers love Kerry too much

Dear Pravda Editors,
I recently started reading your newspaper, and I am shocked at how much your writers love the Kerry-Edwards presidential ticket.  Your writers do not have a grasp on reality.

Kerry is a weasel.  Anyone who marries only extremely wealthy women, as Kerry has done twice, is making himself obvious -he's a weasel.  He's been proven a liar about his Vietnam war record.  He wants to raise taxes on almost everything.  He's shown himself to be a coward, concerning the defense of the U.S. - he stated he believes in a "sensitive" war and he wants the U.N.'s approval to attack any country that attacks the United States of America.  He's a racist, because he wants to promote programs and laws that base themselves on race, specifically, blacks Americans.  His buddy, Edwards, a lawyer, has sued drug companies, doctors and other medical institutions, thus causing the cost of health-care to rise.  While in Vietnam, Kerry could have murdered women and children,  and now he denies it.  He's a murderer.  After he left Vietnam, he met with North Vietnamese officials, who were the enemies of the U.S, and he called our country every negative name in the book.  He was a member of "Veterans Against The War," a group of vets who once voted to assinate members of Congress who supported the Vietnam War.  

Your writers have to get off the bottle and see Kerry for what he is.

John L. Marcinek
McGrann, PA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova