Catine Perkins: Okay! George Person about returning to teepee

That is not the point and YOU KNOW IT!
I struggle with technologies within my own home, so this is an
ongoing battle with me. It has extended beyond my community but we all have different levels of enjoyment, right?

Opinions are not my "bag" as we say in Americanese but I am
an impressionist that threads and discards. As far as taking
this personally, I do believe you are sophisticated to a point
that you would understand my concerns.

Contributions of the primitives has always facinated me and I
deeply sense that the specialization of specialist has brought on the dark ages, once again., But do turn on your blinking lights and your technological "play things" and have fun.

Now! The subject I would like to address to you in this area is
ethics! So let us go to the Rain Forest, where natural medicines have excelled in great heights (as did our Shakers. who grew and provided herbal medicines to the USA with great knowledge and skill...but then, the AMA in the early 1920's wiped them out) and we have these great technical advances, where many patients do not come out alive....or do you believe that science has answers to our poor health problems, when a whole nation (even the old) cannot exist without drugs.....some need sacks of them. What an example for our young.

Now back to the present Rain Forest, where our academics, who ride the gravy train in this area, are going down to the Rain Forest! Why?

They are  trying to gleem these ancient secrets from the primitives and then write a dissertation thus make claims of discovery. But there is a rebellion and, rightly so, since there are humans that believe in justice and are fighting this injustice beyond self enjoyment.

Also, if we do not conserve our natural resources, then your little enjoyments could fall by the wayside. Also, if you have or not have children, there is a responsbility, in either camp, to leave a legacy for the next generation.

And then, as I was recently told by a photo-journalist that life has strange twists, one day you are teaching at a university and the next? In a prison, for no reason except political change!

But what happened to the Mayan's and Aztec's? What happened to the Russian when the Mongols pounced upon them? And yes, the Chinese....when the Mongols came upon their court and brain washed them....into doing nothing...we will do it for you...thus their fingernails grew so long they could hardly lift a hand....and the barbarians took over in such a slick way and moved Westward in a much more fierce stance.

The next war? Will not be over oil, of which, we have become so dependent upon but water, mean to tell me you care not to conserve but to enjoy your advanced technological toys?

So you plan to get your ray gun out and rob people who have rain barrels, who are trying to save water? What fun!  So Saddam really caught it, eh? Why? Or better still, what is your defination of sanctions? Do they work?

Also living in Phoenix, you must see the different ways the American Indians lived beyond teepees, right?

These are "off the top of my head" thoughts that your writing projected and there is a validity to your thought process, unless one can think of the next generation's needs. The waste will never cease to amaze me nor the pain it causes by just watching this self indulgence.

Then too, there is a part of me that "Lost In the Taiga" by Vasily Peskov...still lives within my natural inclination is basic and primitive.

This acclamied Pravda Journalist story had a grave effect on me.

As far as Mr. Von Braun is concerned....well, idiot is not a proper analogy to be sure. After some thought, of long ago, I would say a very immature, self absorbed human, who showed contempt towards Americans and they geniflexed to him. It saddened me, no end. 

Somehow with our American  educational system, this should have provided what he had to offer. No?

One does not win "brownie points" fighting against poisons being poured into the earth, even though, there are natural ways to cope but it takes some hard work. So if "easy does it" and you are not involved in human equation nor care about the next generation, do enjoy!

My preception has different lens. If you read Pravda, do they not write about the effects of the horrible chemicals that have rained upon the American soldiers and the Iraqi Peoples? What is written in this area? Do you not read about it? Does this not "tie into" this aspect?

I deeply feel the repentence and remorse in these ghastly situations that has encompassed our earth. Enjoying any technology seems rather trite under these conditions. There must be some limitations in these areas.

This speech is given in my own home from time to time, so again, nothing personal. It is my concept towards our earth and saving as much as possible. Remember, Mother Nature can blast us to bits in a do not thread ,in this area, is my concept.

Very sincerely yours,

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, TX

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova