Charles Fargo: Critique of George Person's articles

Lately there has been some critique of the chap named George Person.  To include Mr. Person adding information thereof, I intentionally left out or neglected to mention. I decided to address Mr. Person directly with questions on the opinions,
statements and/or remarks he had made in many of his own articles.

One of Mr. Person's first articles, I can commend him on as very well written.  Of Gods Creation,  then to address the opinion in a question of ”WHOSE WORLD IS IT”?  Yes, a very good question.

To bring to light another recent opinion of  Mr. Person, is his article in which he has referred to Saddam Hussein  as the PAPPA COCKROACH   to include referring to the younger generation of Iraqis as baby roaches that needed to be dealt with as they were supposed to or could be exposed as militants against the free Christian world or America in general.  Also Mr. Person mentioned the timid at heart and their pointed opinions whom speak against the current Republican presidency.

As of August 13, Mr. Person speaks in one of his opinions on Saddam, as being indefensible, in trial, that it will take a very intelligent attorney to defend him.   May I question Mr. Person in his tactics in one opinion,  of a Cockroach  plucked from his rat hole needing violent disposal of. 

Then, in a later article giving a well formed opinion on Saddam’s defense.

To continue, in one of my articles I mentioned the Orders of Genocide made by Americas first President, George Washington. On the Iroqouis Confederacy aiding English war efforts in the American Revolution.   Mr. Person rebuffed with a piece of information, the Iroqouis were murderers to the settlers.  My counter to the rebuff was of in which occurred and happened before the revolution. To another article of mine, America’s Arrogance, Mr. Person wrote a response of an altogether different stance of previous opinion.  On all the great things the white man did for the Indian and where the Indians stand in America.  True, very true.

Yet Mr. Person speaks with a supremacist demeanor, in my opinion.  Another may call Mr. Person rather biased.    On August 13 in Mr. Person’s  America’s Arrogance RESPONSE  article, I can quote him as stating (EMBRACE THE GOOD WHITE MAN-FOR WITHOUT HIM, YOU WOULD NOT EXIST).  His opening statement was, The Indians have the best of both worlds.

May I reveal to Mr. Person  part of my gender.   I carry Iriqouis and Abankie blood in my veins.  A Halfebreed  as some white men even today call a person of my blood lines.  May I point out a paradox to Mr. George Person.  Four years ago, at KILLINGTON, VERMONT.  One of the larger ski areas in that
state.  I was on a construction crew with full blood Abnakie Indians, I was present on that crew being part Abnakie and Iriqouis.

We entered a business establishment, to purchase lunch items at mid day.   Everyone of our crew was turned away.  WITH EXTREAM BIASED.  As blacks were turned away from white businesses in the south as in before the civil rights movements in the 1960's.  The owner of the shop having moved from another state I will not mention.  Mr. Person, are you willing to repeat Indians have the best of both worlds?

Mr. Person, may I directly address you again.  In my opening paragraph on America’s arrogance, I mentioned the genocide of 500,000 Rwanda citizens.  During the Clinton years, America along with the UN stood by and did nothing about it but count the bodies.    Yet you skirted that issue as if it were infected with the black plague.   I call upon you to have a response in the Rwanda issue.  Since you have a response to rebuff or counter any other present in my view points.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova