Bill Giltner: Please expose the truth

I just read your article:  The State of Bush vs the State of Law 
As an American, I am indeed concerned that our Bush administration is a tyranny.  However, your argument that assumes that there was an intention to do good by the Bush Junta totally misleads every reader.
The facts of our world, I strongly believe, would indicate that vast criminal networks have infiltrated the US govt. and are manipulating events behind the scenes.  To focus on the Bush Presidency and his administration in isolation is to obscure the truth that could give your readers truth needed to comprehend that, indeed if there is an axis of evil, it includes many, many criminals right here in the USA.
A study of traficking in illegal drugs and its protection would begin to open up part of so many violent acts are being undertaken and cloaked under the rubric of just war.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova