Dawn Hightree: America's Arrogance RESPONSE

The statement of saying that we have/Indians have so much to thank the white man for, I think is possibly a tunnel vision approach and doesn't grasp the full spectrum of the lessons to be learned from each other. 
I have personally studied with the Indians in a very informal manner.  I would have liked to have devoted more time and energy to this process, but I am not a success story and I am white.  What is absolutely wonderful and healing about what I learned from the Indian ways, of which I need to clarify that different tribes have different views with strengths and weakness to the very similiar extent that the different nationalities around the globe present, is that they have a deep respect and admiration for the mother earth.  Everyday was a prayer.  They pray in sweat lodges for their people and the earth.  They use natural drugs to induce a deeper state of prayer for healing and giving.  They believe in helping each other in ways that I found much more deeper and real than anywhere else.  When they knit clothing, they pray while they knit the items so that the person who wears the item can have good fortune.  And on and on. 
I learned nothing but good from the Indian ways.  I cannot say that about the White man in general, however, there are many white people that work very hard to pray for the earth, to help our government become better, and who would never dream of killing people for oil.  There are some white people who are good people or who want to be good.  But there are some who are not.  I think that the ones that are not good are not the ones that the Indians or the Iraq people would want to thank.
Although it may seem like progress to have manufacturing plants and nuclear facilities that have been created by the white man of which no Indian designed or had any say in the matter, there has been an amazing amount of damage to human beings lives because of manufacturing plants and nuclear facilities.  The white people that support this progress, have done as much as they possibly can to deter the truth from other white people, Indians, Iraqis, and on and on.  Do we thank them for this as well?  Should we be thankful to the white people for harming the environment of which life will have an increasing stressful time to just survive in the coming years because of the refusal of some white men to have respect for the future generations because they can't spend the money when they are dead. 
I honestly cannot see any Indian walking up to a white man who has put chemicals into the soil and the air and the water and Thanking them for their wonderful gifts that they bring to the people.  Believe me, I know some of the Indian tribes ways of behaving, if they really felt that the white man was doing good for the earth and the future generations, they would most definately walk up to them or send a letter of thanks.  The indians spend a lot of timegiving thanks to each other, God, and the earth.  Being thankful is a way of life that is intertwined in their being.  If the white men who brought manufacturing buildings, nuclear facilities, nuclear bombs, and biological weapons deserved a thank you.  They would have had it already in big letters because of the magnitude of what the white men have brought to this world is quite astounding and would deserve a HUGE THANK YOU.
The fact of the matter is that the White men need to listen more to the Indian ways than they ever did.  The White Men need to realize that although with their might they destroyed many Indians and much of the Earth, that didn't make them smarter.  The White Men need to realize that the Indians are the ones that they need to learn from when it comes to things that matter to the 7 generations to come, which is what the Indians that I learned from believe.  Every thought, every action, every prayer, is done while thinking of the 7 generations that come after.  One should not think of just themselves, one should think of the grandchildren, their children, their children, their children, their children and their children.  What will our grandchildren have to live with in the years to come?  Is it something that they will be thanking the White Men for?  I sincerely doubt it.
MUrder is illegal by the way.  OOPS.  I think in every single country, murder is illegal for the most part.  But not if it is against a government ran entity.  Does that make sense?  NO but it shows that the human race, although may be extremely smart in many areas, cohabitation in peaceful ways is not our strong point as a whole.  The very fact that the majority of the population doesn't recognize this downfall or weakness in human evolution, to me shows a lot.  Then when one questions how the human race has become or in many ways continues to be so ignorant in human relationships, one finds where the fault lies.  The fault lies in the White Men.   The fault lies in the war on drugs, disrespect of human nature, and pretty much all the inhumane things that the White Man does as well as some not so white men do.  Things that an Indian would not thank a White Man, black man, yellow man, pink man, and purple man for. 
The fact of the matter is that things today are in a mess that is very possibly impossible to clean up.  It is very difficult to understand why things are such a mess narrow mindedly.  One has to be very open to the truth on many levels, and the solutions to me have to come from the standpoint that people can be taught to be better people including the White Man.
Progress financially or geographicially or scientifically is not progress if it harms the future of the future.
Oh by the way I am white.
Dawn Hightree

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova