Catine E. Perkins: Well, George Person of Phoenix, Arizona

HUMMM! I can see you are PRAVDA.Ru's "pet" but this is newspaper play and language, so be it.
But two delicate areas you hit upon, as I checked out PRAVDA.Ru.

Firstly, The American Indians...and there were so many cultures within them, that have contributed much to this United States of America. Some of the Great Lake Regions had concepts that our Consitution took note in this area.

Their's is an extraordinary history going Southwest to the Pueblo and onto the Pacific Northwest. As with a Russian Heritage, you surprise me with your insular outlook in this area.

And take note, my good man, if the big White man keeps poluting this earth of ours, the American Indians are the chosen ones to heal this Mother Nature. I believe this. So cool your academic specialization in this area.

I find it very superficial, as I did your reference to Erwn von Braun, who was a most contemputious spoiled brat towards the Americans and his treatment of them.

It was a passing phase for me to have contact with this so called genius but the Americans geniflexing to his every whim was an American, who was not accustomed to such places as Aero-Jet, as it was called at the time.

Of course, now...our CEO's are acting in a sameness, so we are a changed nation and not for the better Whose ever God, help us! Now in hindsight, this was quite a Soviet moduality with this nomenkaltura.So?

Do we become what we are taught to hate?

I, too, believe in a positive, lasting relationship with Russia! But taking this history apart into tiny pieces and has NEVER been a lasting relationship...only feeble attempts....So you figure.

PRAVDA.Ru is their own way...but it is most newspapers I accept this aspect.
But the American Indian analogy, along with this idiot ,Von Braun, hit me between the eyes, regardless  what the "boom boom" gain was for the Americans...I found the approach degrading for my nation.

May I ask this of you? Is there such a thing as an American of Russian Culture? But then, I am a hereditary artist, so my underground observatory... observes differently. I am somewhat distress with your postings but Pravda has an agenda, so I want not to take it off track by all means....not that I could nor is it an agenda.

But a truth that is not a truth cannot be trascribed...comes to mind.

I do not mean to critize you personally, but I live in the trenches of life, where everything is raw and out in the it politics, holy wars or a page from 19th Century Russian Literature. Thus, everything changes and nothing changes except the descriptive adjectives.


Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Tx

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova