George Person: Attorney for Saddam

How does one go about defending the indefensible?! 
Concentration camp like arguments of "where's the smoking gun" ain't going to work with an emotionally charged trial, where the victims are going to be able to speak out against the dictator personally, who brought death and misery into their families.
What Saddam needs is true genius defending him!
A true master of communication, who understands the essence of existence, and whose voice can rush like flowing water with wisdom and truth - this is the man or woman Saddam needs in his corner....a man who can speak like a Prophet and show the jury he's worthy of mercy in the face of eternity and the tribunals of time for his transitory behavior in the moral plain, where men and their actions are weighed, and the sanctity of their being is established, in their relationship to the Eternal God , forever and ever...
Saddam was Iraq's ruler...and it must be shown that his power was aimed at maintaining absolute control and was unbiased in the execution of his judgments...yet, he was human, and power corrupted him...his vanity lead to an innocent man's death, and he was brutal with his enemies, both imagined and real...that any man who was lavished such power wealth and control, was an easy target for human failing...for who among us can boast he would walk on water if we were in Saddam's shoes, trying to keep our hands on absolute power and control?!
Saddam Hussein is a statistical freak of humanity....a man who rose to a level of absolute power and wealth...a level which 99.99999999999 of humanity will never reach...he can't be judged by common man's terms...he's just too uncommon...
What Saddam needs to communicate is the depth of his love for Iraq.
That he admits he was hard on innocent people, but he was dealing with the tremendously uncontrollable passions of the Iraqi people...and a people born in the fire of the desert...who understood and respected power...that he was trying to be a secular leader to compete politically with the western world, as a leader constrained by rationalist thoughts as to facilitate a financially lucrative relationship with the energy consuming Western Democracies...that he wanted power and glory for all the Iraqi people - he wanted them to be a proud nation, and a powerful nation in the community of nations in the Middle-East, and respected around the world...
What Saddam literally needs is supernatural poetry...whose wisdom leaps beyond the parameters of time...and a warrior/lawyer poet who has the courage to deliver it to the people....for whom we forgive on Earth is forgiven in heaven, as Saddam steps forward when his name is called by the Lamb  upon the Throne....Will Saddam's journey continue
through the "Valley of Peace?!" Or will his memory be erased and to the darkness his soul released?! For family is family and blood is blood, and the soul of their being is be chastised and corrected through the spiritual plains upon leaving the moral order, from which so many people suffered his pain....and by the Valley of Peace, a gentle stream flows through, where the sparkling sweet living water is generously given to you....refreshing yourself upon the mercy of those, whose spiritual ranking rose because of the love they showed, not allowing him to fall prey ,upon the shadow of darkness, which steals men's lives, as a vulture feeds upon the dead animal's carcass...
Then Saddam's lawyer negotiates for his life...but what can Saddam offer to spare his neck from the gallows?! It's really quite elementary, Saddam will need to produce a wmd which he stashed away, perhaps in Syria or some secret underground complex in Iraq...a weapon which justifies the USA's entry into the war on Iraq.....Saddam is fighting for his life, yet if he comes clean, then confession will be good for his soul....given life in prison with perhaps the possibility of this politically marooned and doomed man a new lease on life to set his country straight, as well as his own life, being a responsible leader ready to accept the punishment for his crimes, yet, feeling the unique spirit of the common man, who finds love and forgiveness for the man who brought so much death into people's lives...a moment of a great spiritual awakening in a country's fledgling and tumultuous Democratic life...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova