Has the US out down the tortures of Saddam s brutal rule?

Has the US out down the tortures of Saddam s brutal rule?
Well, maybe not, but there is a major difference.  The US says it does not do torture. 

Watching the ABC News services, this information came across, and I want to extend my sincere thanks to ABC News for bringing this story to light. 

Certainly, there has to be some attorneys who will take on a pro bono action to represent the abused prisoners and to seek justice for them.  This situation is deplorable and unacceptable not now, not ever.   I have taken editorial license to remove the details about the sexual abuse which is not suitable for Pradva.ru s younger readers.  But, I can assure Pravda.ru s readers, the details are ugly. 

Two men have come forward and described their treatment while in the custody of the American MPs in Iraq.  One of the men who had been in prison while the Ba ath Party was in control of the country said that not even the guards were as brutal as the Americans has been. 

Haj Ali Shallal Abbas, the community mayor in the town of Abu Ghraib, was even imprisoned.  His crime was simply going to the prison to ask about the incarcerated men who were part of the community he was mayor of.   Haj Ali Shallal Abbas was simply doing his job as mayor. 

He said: "Frederick had come once or twice with a group of dogs".   "They would tie us to the doors and then unleash the dogs on us. Graner was a disgrace to all civilized and democratic values every day. Graner enjoyed seeing prisoners tortured and tied up in the cells."  

"Usually when prisoners are brought in, Graner would be present," Abbas said. "First of all, they would be made naked, with their hands behind their backs. Then, they would put the bag over their heads, using shoes to beat them on sensitive parts of their bodies, pushing them against the walls." Abbas thinks Graner singled him out for 'special treatment' because he has a badly defective left hand. He'd had surgery on it two weeks before his arrest and was awaiting a second operation.  

Every day, Abbas said, "He made me put my hand out in the cell bars and would stomp with his boots on this hand." His doctor now says Abbas' hand can never be repaired. 

Saddam Saleh al-Radi, was arrested in late November after he reported to police a suspicious car wired with explosives driven by a man he knew to be a criminal.   

After three days of interrogations he said he was taken to Abu Ghraib, put into a holding cell, and there a hood was placed over his head for what he thinks was about 16 hours.  

"When they were torturing me, I lost consciousness," al-Radi said. "So, they removed the hood. One of the soldiers then urinated on me."  Then, the hood was put back on. And al-Radi was frog-marched to a cell on the ground floor of tier 1-A, known as the hard site.  

Al_Radi has identified Staff Sgt. Ivan Frederick and Cpl. Charles Graner as his abusers.  

"They stripped me naked," al-Radi said. "They made me stand on a box used for storing soldier food; I think it's called MREs. I was completely naked with two bags on my head."  

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova