George Person: Russian scientist invents camera to take pictures of ghost RESPONSE

If the Russian Scientist is taking pictures of ghosts, then perhaps the ghosts are aware of his inter dimensional shutter bug activities! 
Thus, it's really not the camera, or the technology, but the supernatural privilege in letting the world know, that a world of life exists beyond the portal of death, and the Russian scientist has become an inter dimensional focal point...who is under constant scrutiny from the world beyond, and has become their messenger of hope well as enlightenment!
Perhaps, what the Russian scientist should do is go the Monastery in Northern Russia, where buried in a basement beneath the church, there's a head of an ancient Russian Priest, who's skull oozes oil to this day...and the Priests use as the anointing oil for new members into the Priesthood! It would be interesting the see how photogenic the supernatural can really get--maybe we can get an idea what this famous holy man looked like!
Life is just too mystical and magical not to believe in eternity...and perhaps it's this man's mission to let the world know of an era to come...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova