Lynndie England’s farce trial

Having read the USA TODAY report from August 5, on Ms. England’s hearing.
She was depicted in the mannerisms of being sexually overactive. The newspaper portrayed her as being wrong because of having a boyfriend while in the military, stating she was sneaking around to bed with him, being a fellow solder.  Well, taking the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States in the military, does not require from one to become a celibate.  Yet the story states that, being 21 years of age, Lynndie England is a over sexual deviant.  The portrayal of a strumpet so to speak.  In my opinion, a nice cover story of spun propaganda.

The trial of Ms. England and the 7 co-defendants, in my deepest opinion, is just another GRAND SCALE FARCE by the military and the whimsical servants running this United States, washing their hands in having any knowledge at all on the mistreating prisoners in Iraq.

The military holds checks and balances to know where its personnel are and what they are doing at all times. Yet higher level officers denying knowledge of what their subordinates were doing?   Phooey!!!!

During the Cold War years the US propaganda told about the Soviet government that if Russian merchant vessels were outside the territory of the Soviet Union, or if a ballet troupe was on a tour abroad, they always had a KGB agent or a political officer with them to keep them in line or from defecting.

Well, that type propaganda has a piece of truth in it.  It always does.   It signifies the line of thinking here in the US in it’s gray areas,  being run by the servants elected by the voters.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova