Ken Fanning: Bancroft-Hinchey off the mark again RESPONSE

Dear Sir or Madame:
I am always puzzled why you continue to give Timothy Bancroft-Hinchley a prominent position in your paper.  Please allow me to quote him from a recent article.

"If such behaviour is considered as good fun in the United States, which apparently it does, since this is the excuse being given by Lynndie England's lawyers, it is certainly not considered as normal anywhere else on the planet, where for good fun families go out into the countryside for a picnic, or go to the woods to collect mushrooms, or play a game of soccer,
or have a swim on the beach, or just sit and chat together." (Italics and color my own).

I don't think anyone considers it in good fun in America that I have talked to.  Why does Mr. Bancroft-Hinchley say "apparently it does"?  That is the Goebbels' lie.  Where in the press has it been reported that "this is the excuse being given by Lynndie (sic) England's lawyers"?  I watch the news constantly, and I haven't heard such nonsense.  But . . . I could be wrong.  I just ask Mr. Timothy Bancroft-Hinchley to point me to those sources.

As most of the world knows (or at least those with the both sides of their brains functioning), Ms. England was charged with a crime under US Military Law.  No one is trying to hide it.

This should be obvious, even to someone like Bancroft-Hinchey. 

Best regards,
Ken Fanning

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova