Bob: Torture for fun - Response to Michael Berglin

Good article and only slightly one sided. Quite refreshing. 
A little conflict here though. He seems to imply Timothy has good days. I've never noticed them. He thinks Hinchey doesn't hate Americans. I don't get that from his writings. Of course he does say it occasionally.
Were there some ears in Vietnam..from what I hear yes. Did our adversary occasionally dine on our hearts (somehow failed to be mentioned by the vet)
...from what I hear yes. Did my people get pissed on in the pits? Of course.
Almost looks like an idea that started by your side in the 60's kinda got refined a bit in 2003. Was it really worse then Bamboo under the fingernails?
I think "The truth no matter who it hurts" might need to be changed so far to..."Say what you want as long as you put America in at least a somewhat bad light." Then we'll put your letter up front.
Berglin is correct. It is a changing world...but (my words)  it's newsourses still cling to the old ways. We just allow only our part of the truth.
It's not really working so well these days IMO. So many people are not believing anything any longer.
Nice time for some to do anything they want.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova