Dan:More Russophobia in international press RESPONSE

You have no clue about Russia and Russian army, but at least you should understand statistics that you quote. There were 109 suicides in Russian Army (if you believe their reports, which I find improbable) in ONE year as opposed to 285 suicides in UK in 11 years. Russian army is the worst place you can imagine. It's truly dreadful organization, which is more akin to some kind of feudal style mafia-flavored gang than a modern army. The figure of 420 dead soldiers is ridiculous in the view of the fighting that goes on in Chechnya. Believe me, I have been through it. I think BBC and every other media source are more like ignore all the vices of the modern Russia rather than overreact. You article is the evidence of either complete ignorance regarding the matters that you write about or dishonesty. In any case it reflects poorly on your image as a journalist.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova