Andy D: Russia bans imports of poultry RESPONSE

I am always amazed at the stupidity of people in high places. They are so easily conned. The pharmaceutical industry lavishes them with gifts and bribes so that veterinarians are impelled to use antibiotics and many other drugs in animal husbandry. Of course that doesn't prevent serious outbreaks of diseases in animals and poultry resulting in huge economic losses. The recent outbreak of fowl plague in Finland and Sweden need never have happened. There is a solution that is so simple and so powerful that no pharmaceutical drug can match its effectiveness in the prevention of animal diseases.  The solution is 30 ppm of hydrogen peroxide (more is not better) in the drinking water of all animals and poultry. The drinking water must be of high quality free of contaminants. The results of such an action become apparent very soon.
1.    Animals become less disease prone. Parasites can't get out their bodies fast enough.

2.    Cows produce more high quality milk with higher fat content. Mastitis is dramatically reduced in the herds.

3.    Hogs come to market as much as 30 days earlier on much less feed.

4.    Turkeys and chickens  gain weight faster on much less feed. The meat is plumb and flavourful. 

5.    Knowledgeable  fish farmers add 5 ppm hydrogen peroxide to their water to keep fish free of fungal diseases.
There are knowledgeable farmers and ranchers in North America who add hydrogen peroxide to the drinking water to protect their investment in animals and poultry. They profit handsomely.
There are thousands of research reports on hydrogen peroxide published in peer reviewed journals. They get buried in library stacks never to be studied. Hey man! We are in the business of making money. The last thing we want are educated people who know how to use God's gift to man-hydrogen peroxide. It comes to us in rain water. It makes things grow.
Here is something you can try to keep milk fresh indefinitely at home. Add one drop of 35% hydrogen peroxide to one liter of milk. All the milk we use at home gets treated this way without exception. Check out the internet for hydrogen peroxide.
Andy D.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova