Charles Fargo: Lies of US history

In the past few months, I have read many articles here in the English version of The PRAVDA.Ru.  Rather often there have been articles pointing out the short-sightedness of some authors here in this great land of America. With the attitude that America and its military are the greatest things.

History here in the United States, claims that the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in WWII, ended the war and saved many lives.  I part that is really not the truth.  The Military Ministry in Japan claimed it could deal with the civilian loss taken by those two bombs and wanted to continue the war effort.

Yet what really ended the war with Japan that was a rather large factor. 

There was a war in Manchirua between Japan and Russia, alittle taught fact here in America.  The Russians severely defeated Japanese army there.  Only then the Japanese  military decided to discontinue its war efforts and surrender.

Again, American history claims that America aided Russia alone as an ally to win the  World War II.  That the invasion in Normandy was the turning point and the United States given credit for the turning point.

Again, the US military was only about a 40-percent factor in the Europiean Theater of WWII.  Nazi Germany was involved in three fronts.  The African Front  where Montgomery and Patton of the US and Britton combined  turned Rommels Panzer divsions into ruble.   The Western front where America fought again with allies. American armies were not that powerful and needed the aid of the allies again.

Then there was the RUSSIAN FRONT.  Hitler threw the best of his SS Waffen against the Russian peoples.   In one campaign alone, one million of Russians and Germans  died.  The SS was badly prepared for those bitter Russian winters. Many Germans died as they were not outfitted for that weather.  

In Russia old men, women and children fought alongside with the Russian Military, to save their motherland from invasion, at times having little to survive on or to fight with. Yet the reseliant Russian Army marched into Berlin holding its Eastern half. 

Again Russia also held the Eastern half of Europe.  Well, Russia expelled the best of the SS Waffen from its motherland and overtook half of Europe. 

And the Mighty America helped as some want to tell it?  Well why couldn't America march on Moscow?  Why did America and its Allies only get the Western half of Europe?

I am not trying to put down past authors or their articles, but I want to point out the short-sightedness of the way history is tought in the USA.  Yet American citizens are quite gullible in believing what is taught to them.  That they cannot see the real world history.

In my opinion, President Bush skirted out of the Viet Nam war so he would not have to drop Napalm  as some believe its Gods grand design.   But yet some believe its Gods grand design that the President lie to wage war in Iraq in the name of terrorism.   For a fanalie, I question, on what date between
now and November 11, will The President of our great country, come up with Osama bin Laden.  In his efforts to win the presidency from John Kerry.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova