Charles Fargo: I refuse to vote at presidential elections-2004

CNN broadcast Democratic Convention, with former presidents Carter and Clinton speaking along with former presidential candidate Gore. 
May I ask a question, why does the Democratic Party need former  candidates or past presidents to shore up public confidence?  Or to galvanize public confidence?

I am a citizen of the USA, and it is my alleged free right to vote for the candidate I wish to see as President.  Yet it is the electoral vote of the US Congress which decides in the end. This came from the past, when the general population was either not educated or smart enough to decide whom to elect as the president.   Yet the general population is smart enough to go to war on orders of the President, and  the general public is smart enough to work and pay taxes to finance the whims of our elected servants.

Many times I have provoked conversation in the manner of being a supposed free voting citizen.  When I make the comment that I refuse to vote, on the grounds of my disagreement with the subject matter presented to be voted upon. Or not to vote for either candidate because I disagree with them.    I am always rebuffed that the matter at hand is my  CIVIC DUTY.  I disagree that voting is a civic duty. Voting is a FREE RIGHT of  the citizens of this country.   

As a free thinking citizen of these United States, I outright refuse to vote at the presidential election-2004, because of  the fact I am not IN SYNC with the incumbent president of the person the Democrats has chosen they want to reside in the White House for the next four years.

President Bush stood down in the National Guard, during the Viet Nam Conflict.  Mr. Kerry did serve as a fast boat squid in Nam.  Yet Mr. Kerry favors gun control?  Yet the laws that were placed for us by our founding fathers, were the right to bear arms against an invading force.

Well the 9/11 terrorist attacks, with the threat of further or continued terrorist activity on American soil.  Isn't that considered an invading force?

Also I wish to question.  If the war in Iraq was such a popular war, then can any citizen in this great country of ours explain - why citizens are not enlisting in droves to help the already stretched military occupying Iraq.  As a veteran I can give the military of this country credit in following orders.  Yet I am not IN SYNC with the current president and his reasons for the Iraqi occupation.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova