Andy D: "Whites, we will kill you!" RESPONSE

Dear Editor:
One of the favorite ways globalist like Sameer smear their  opponents is to call them nazis, racists or xenophopes. Unfortunately for him/her, it doesn't change what is going on in the real world.
The globalist, a very powerful self-interest group of which Sameer is a very junior member no doubt, believe that the western nation states and all their enormous  unparalleled achievements in all the sciences, in architecture, in all the arts, in their cultures, in their religions and histories are now deemed obsolete. The globalist have decided that the western nation states with their homogenous blood lines and unique genetic pools are to be sacrificed on the alter of multiculturism and diversity. Of course the catch word is "tolerance". Of course, we must be tolerant and sensitive to the needs of minorities flooding into North America and Europe.  And of course the globalist don't point out that these same minorities are huge homogenous majorities in China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Africa, the Middle East and South America etc. The name of the game of the globalists is genocide of the white race through misogenation or war pure and simple. Nothing more, nothing less. They hate our achievements with unbridled passion.
Europeans settled an empty South Africa centuries ago. Through sheer tenacity and hard work they created a high tech western style society. Their success attracted tens of millions of low IQ (average IQ 80) blacks  migrants from the rest of Africa to work in the fields and mines. South Africa prospered. However the whites did not believe in race mixing and rightly so. They set up racial barriers to protect their own. The globalist armed the blacks, instilled hatred of whites in them, and started a campagain of violence on the whites. With American pressure white South Africa capitulated to the black onslaught.
Once Nelson Mandela dies, the murderous thug Thuba Mbeki  will unleash 100,000 frenzied armed to the teeth blacks on whites in the cities and farms. Rivers of blood will flow in the streets and the farms just like in Rwanda. Cindy-Lay Dale and Jan Lambrecht report regularly on the killing of white farmers and their families by blacks in South Africa. Last year 43,000 people were murdered in South Africa-the highest rate in the world. Today millions of blacks are starving in Zimbabwe because their evil black leader did not want whites there. That is the price of stupidity.
This kind of violence is happening all over Africa, the Middle East, etc. were different cultures, religions and peoples confront each other.

Once there are enough non-whites in western countries, the diabolical globalists will  pit the brainwashed with hate non-whites on the whites in order to destroy their cities and kill them off.  The rap music you hear today is sending a clear mesage to whites - "we will kill you".
Sameer, you need a reality check!
Andy D.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva