Andy D: Russian oligarchs

Dear Editor:
It is time for Russia to act against the oligarchs who stole tens of billions from the Russian people and the state at a time of the transition when Russia headed by Yeltsin was at its most vulnerable. These oligarchs like Abramovitch could not have perpetrated their grand thefts of Russian resources without the financial backing of the Rothchilds. That makes the Rochchilds a party to the perperated crimes.
It's time for the Russian governement under President Putin  to post a reward for the capture and imprisonment  of the Rochchilds and the oligarchs. Let's say 50-75 million dollars a head would bring bounty hunters and soldiers of fortune from all over the world streaming to Europe and Israel to capture these thieves. No doubt the American/British criminal elite  and Israelis would go ballistic. So what! Russia has every right to prosecute these criminals. I believe the Russian people would back Putin 100%. I think the rest of the world would support Russian claims. It can easily make its case  to the world.
On the other hand the Russian government could negotiate a settlement with the Rochchilds and oligarchs for 1 trillion dollars. The Rochchilds have super deep pockets. This would be merely pocket change for them. It would just ruffle their feathers. The price of inaction is a huge loss to Russia. It simply cannot afford to let this pass.
Andy D. 

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva