US-Russian relations RESPONSE

After reading Daniel Bush's comments on US-Russian relations I felt that I needed to respond.
Even though I am some twenty years younger than Mr. Bush
he expressed my sentiments towards Russia acurately. Often times as I read your columns on the website I cannot help but feel that many Russians believe that America's populace is composed of bad people; I hope that this is not the case. From my perspective, even though our two countries have been enemies up to recently, I can assure you and your readers that my perception of the Russian populace is one based on respect and not disdain.

And I am convinced that my countrymen would view Russia in the same way if they familiarized themselves with the history of the Russian people.

Hopefully one of the by-products of the War on Terror will be even closer ties between the US and Russia. As Mr. Bush pointed out, our two countries share so many similarities: landscape, hard work ethic and deep rooted spiritual beliefs. With these fundamental requirements for great societies evident what better time to join with one another than during a time of war?

In closing I wish to thank your organization for providing an information source on Russia. Thank you for your time and have a good day.

Jim Parker
Ringgold, Georgia, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova