Rob O'Brien: Criticism of the USA

It is always easy to be critical when you are not the one making decisions.
Like a worker who admonishes his employer behind his back for doing things differently than he would. Like a student who does not approve of the teachers lessons. It is easy to tell the world how you could do it better if you were only in the right position.

The reality, however, is that people who are critical seldom offer viable alternatives, only critisism of any action taken especially when the action is controversial. This is what seems to be the case regarding the opinions of the United States and their position in the world.

Russia is a proud nation of wonderful and strong people and I wonder what action would have been taken were Islamic terrorists to have targeted the Kremlin or St. Basils cathedral and in the act needlessly taken 3,000 russian souls.

The United States has undertaken a campaign to root out terrorism at its core and destroy it before it emboldens itself to the point where its citizens fear the daily attacks now seen in Jeruselem, Sudan, Bagdad etc. It may seem cold and heartless to invade a nation and impose it's will upon it's people, but let us not forget what is at the heart of this matter and what the intentions of the United States are.

Iraq was led by a horrible despot similar to Hitler (6 million jews) Stalin (60 million of your own people) Sadaam Hussien tortured, killed, deprived his people. He held them down and would not let them seek their own destiny.

His sons raped, pillaged their own lands and the lands of its nieghbors. He harbored terrorism and advocated a false sense of nationalism. It is a fact that EVERY fringe group with an agenda MUST find an enemy to justify it's existence.

The United States does not want war. It seeks only to defend itself against despots and radicals who hold on to power through the brainwashing of its people. It seeks peace and FREEDOM for all humans regardless of geographical boundries or ethnic backgrounds. We were attacked by such groups and now we must, with a heavy heart, defend FREEDOM and the right of every human to make his own decisions.

Rob O'Brien

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova