D Slavovich Ratz: Straw that broke the camel's back

According to British sources top British general and British troops are in Georgia right now training those that have recently created an explosive stand-off on border disagreement with us.  Dictator Saakashvili, who himself was found in London, called Britain a vital source of weapons assistance.  So it is clear who those Brit weapons are intended to be used against.  British after wounding and murdering Russians in the Crimea war have a taste for Russian blood.

British destructiveness of any of our southern cities, as small as they might be will not go unpunished.  It will not be enough to level British technology there with our Russian fighter planes.  We must go to the source!  Blair Regime's henchmen British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw can call it "Georgia Russia
conflict" instead of South Ossetia-Georgia, but this is 'Britain Russia conflict', same as Latvia-Estonia.  That if anyone recalls got a Russian fighter plane flying on un-demarcated Latvian border just days before NATO membership.

Fellow Russians can sleep safely, because Putin / Fradkov administration will easily defame, isolate, and slaughter this unprovoked Englishmen savagery. 

There are hints how this will be done.  Anglos lurking on this site here will share the glimpse of their fate provided they stay the course on the dark path.

First the blood thirty scourge will be drown from hiding behind Americans. 

"You'll make war for us in our region.  Will make make war for you in your region."  By same circumstance Estonia-Latvian conflict is not between Latvia and Russia.  It is a conflict between Britain and Russia.  We will blockade Latvia and Estonia at the Baltic.  Sea was never demarcated after they seceded, this is nothing like blockading Cuba counter to International laws.  All British ships will be blocked.  British aggressiveness is likely to carry over into trying to penetrate it, and NATO law deprives obligation by Americans to defend them.  Russian planes fighter planes won 90% of all battles with Western planes in recent practice fights in India.  Russian subs go deeper than British submarines.  Therefore, detonating nuclear bomb in water that sends out a charge and disables all electrical devices in a region for a time will send British to a watery grave as their submarines are not equipped to survive depth as Russian ones.  Even if it comes to all out nuclear retaliation.  Since 1980s we have been working on this, and our shield, unlike the American one has been in operation for over a decade.  Now that Americans left ABM Treaty we can expand it from it's previously limited region of Moscow to a national scale, if we haven't already to be honest.  So any incoming British nukes can, and will be stopped by Russians detonating nuke of our own in their path.  British are likely to sustain incredible casualties from radiation.  Slavs are more adopted to radiation.  There are natural uranium rivers both in Ukraine, and in Abkhazia.

People living to 80, 90 years in the region, and one can get ulcer on the hand just by touching that water!  Clearly the Anglos stand to lose more, and after Russians ships were turned over to the Westerns, boarded, counter to international law under Khrushchev.  After 10 million Russians died an early death in the last decade under menacing conditions through the fractured ones one country, our country.  NO BRITISH, NOT ONE WILL TOUCH THE DEC OF A RUSSIAN SHIP!!!!

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova