Third World and Democracy

Roughly 30 states have democracies from out of 180, who are the UN member states.
Their democracies are different from each other, regard to their legal and social system. Only thing keeping them together is the exploitations of other 150 countries.

The whole international economic, legal and justice system is fake, all-international institutions are, and were created by the few powerful and aggressor states to make the whole international system run according their wishes. All other states are the victims of those so-called western, democratic, and developed countries.

These states are totally united on the economic issues. They don't care when thousand and thousand people die with hunger and disease. There is no difference between American and French policies; only difference is when it comes, who gets and what. We can clearly see from the Iraq war, and its outcome.

Third world countries will never get democracies, and those people will die with hunger and diseases forever, at least in our life time, because the most power states on the earth and their international legal, and economic system will never allow any national hero or leader will lead those poor states for their national interest.  

If you look deep in Third World most leaders are foreign agents, and most have dually citizenship, further deeper, those countries real power is army generals who runs the govt., and Mr. Leader totally rely on the army. So what we see out side basically doesn't have much power, but the real power is behind him. If such leader doesn't sign a contact with foreign oil company, because of national interest then he is out. Then question is what public has to do? If public fight back, and army loose then foreign help is available. 

Pakistan is good example for importing the leadership. Pakistan's next Prime Minister Mr. Shoukat Aziz, according the news media has dually citizenship, and he spent most of his life out of the country. Now just think about this, if you live in foreign country for 25 or 30 years, what will you care about those people? And how you will know the social problems of that country. 


Third world population is growing, hunger, disease, unemployment, and competition is very high. Public is getting frustrated, depress, and moving to religion. Looking other side of the world in media so-called democratic countries where people are living well, making them more angry. 


If third world was give a right to choose their own leaders for the sake of their children, with out any interference from out side, then probably you won't see these religious fanatics or terrorist.

If those so-called democratic states, honestly help the third world to bring democracy in their states, and get rid of those dictators, I firmly believe within a year so whole world will be democratic. 
Then What! Rich Will Be No longer Rich, and won't be able to use third world's labor & material, THEN HUMAN WILL NOT USE HUMAN 



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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova