Charles Fargo: Narrow sights

INTERCOURSE!!!!   The first word in this article.  A vast majority will think of sexual transgressions of some nature.  The word is a noun.  Yet in its defintion, in context, in a broader sense,  bears the spectrum.  OF.  Many forms of social interaction.  In continuing, may I digress with my article.

In reading the article by George Person, titled, "Who's World is This?",  I could not agree more with in which he has to say.  My intention was to write on the narrow mindness of many, the first word  I have choosen is to prove as such.  In how often in human nature, one wishes to choose narrow insight in reacting to  the day to day social interactions.  Often failing to intergrate, opinions, cultures, other forms of governments.

Many times I find it appalling, how many fellow citizens of this world limit their sight, their mindset. That do not wish to see, hear or think beyond their own opinions.  Or to limit their capicaty of learning beyond a finishing school education.  In thinking the learning process stops there.

Having recent contact with a Black African American, that has embraced Islam.  To include is a formor member of the US military. He also holds a masters degree. Whom, many close minded whites have a problem with the stature of this person. We have had many dicussions in context of. The narrow mindness of many in the general populance, or the servants running the American Government.  In opinion not so much involving themselves with conspiricies.  Yet in bringing with them  agendas and policies.

With these agendas. My American political servants, that I helped to elect and that the taxes that they take to grossly reward themselves with.

Their agendas include, if another government or government leader does not agree with them.  It is of doctern and policy to invade that sovernty or to attempt to discredit it.

Many times narrow minded fellow citizens that have disagreed with the opinion I hold.  Have been rather short and limited in political argument and social intereaction by using the term or word. LIBERAL.  Using the word in definition outside of the context of its true meaning.  Liberal, as I learned is an (adjactive). Defined as, Ample, abundant, tolerant, broad minded, favoring reform or progress.

Yet reform or progress today in the minds of many Americans is of. Propaganda, disinformation, commited to waging war or discrediting those that Americans do not agree with.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova