Dawn Hightree: Good and bad of America

What I think you may be looking for is for other countries to be leniant towards America because they have done some good in the World.  It is great that America has done or has tried to do some good in the world.  I don't think the good that America has done is as much in question as the things that they have done and are doing that aren't so good. 
It is important to be fair to America as well as other countries.  I believe that America has tried very hard to defend themselves in regards to the prison scandel.  Regardless of how much better they may or may not be than the international community, abuse happened at the prison and the Red Cross Organization tried to make them aware of it to no avail until the pictures became public.  That is the part of the puzzle that makes America look bad.
People make mistakes and that is fine.  However, the government has not really admitted wrong doing or that they were aware of what was going on and people are seeing that as a lie.
There are other factors that is not making America look good today.  The billions of dollars unaccounted for in Iraq.  The innocent lives that have been taken over in Iraq and other parts of the world.
There are things that America has done that is good and there are things that America has done that is bad.  I think because America has not had to face punishment for their crimes that the international community is giving them leniency possibly because they have done so much good as well as bad.  I don't know?
There is more to the story than most of the population will ever know. 
Check out www.edwinblack.com and read how America has been researched to have been an aid in the Nazi movement against the jews.  Is it true?  Does that mean if it is true that the world should ignore the truth because America has done some good?

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova