Jonathan Nix: Russia, Iraq and the USA

Two historical cities in Iraq and Russia have the city named after the Samara region of Russia. The similarity of names, and facts that the cities are a small country apart, may suggest a historical connection in medieval times. Particularly, the naming may suggest a historic friendship between the two peoples. Certainly, it would have been a good strategic partnership given the threats at that time in the world.

At a time later; Monguls, French, and German armies, seeming to converge on the golden lands - spanning treacherous sand dunes by drinking horse's blood - and going around through occupied land, choosing the only direction that could get colder, time and again with more sophisticated tactics over time.

The "scorched earth" and concentric rings policy on the Russian territory becoming so severe, that Russians even agreed to allow some foreign assistance. Over time, the English convinced Americans to contribute the general resources to the Russians before announcing entrance to the war. The Chinese had a different policy of foreign aid that permitted air cover, and it was provided to the governors of China by the "Flying Tigers".

The attack by Japan caused the US to face against hostile warrings of multiple aligned states at regions of opposite polarities on the Earth, but it was after some preparation. Amidst the tumultuous global storm that would ensue, some no doubt feared that even a whole people would lose their entire right to exist. Some of them seen in home-brew photographs standing with family and friends. What kept us going was the powerful writings, telling to never forget for the killing of women and children. Could they possibly have become a memory of how history chose to depict them?

I cannot imagine Russia needing Iraqi assistance as much as the US needed support from the Saudis.

Fortunate for Japan, how Americans had shared cultures and ideas in early years. Historical documents show American naval vessels escorting diplomatic missions, challenging action for an audience with the emperor. The gift of railroad, mini-cannon, and more. Now the last gift to the Japanese, a governmental system, caused unprecedented cooperation with the American
economic system. An unconditional responsibility of trust, today letting them stand truly Japanese, their allegiance intact, prosperous, peaceful in the world. With the occasional fist-fight in parliament.

Therefore on the side, it cannot be denied that the same success would be given to Iraq as it was also given in the liberation of the Philippines twice and to South Korea.

Fortunate, for Germany - Divided up, overseen, then to be during the times where post-war ideology flourished - recombined. Because of repeated behavior in history, hopefully contained. Perhaps they can dig buildings into the Earth, if the opposition to civilization does not permit sky scrapers. But there is also plenty of room in America, with no clear requirement on changing the allegiance. I once met a German on a flight from Moscow to Samara, who fortunately for me, knew some American language. As much as the words conveyed, I attempted to be very respectful, but I did not
think that his German automobiles were as great as he claimed them to be.

There is plenty of room in America for immigrants from all countries. I say this because once she has gotten a taste of diversity, there is a fear and dislike for the concept of monopoly. In some places of America where a religion or ethnicity dominates the population, nobody likes it. There's a
place in Utah where a particular western religion settled, whose policy was strict self-acceptance and outward growth. Sharing such allegiances, people tend to take care of their own, and it's at a loss to someone who is foreign to the dominant ideals. Therefore, nobody wants monopoly.

In the future, will we see the most propogative genes spread world-wide, and the color of the world change? While history of others has shown, time and again - ethnic and cultural cleansing, violent expansion, mass deportation - there is a different concept: Instead of sending people out, why not accept people in? You know your friends by who names a city for each other.

Jonathan Nix

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova