Andy D: Maternal mortality on the rise in Russia

Dear Editor:
The Russian power elite better wake up to the demographic crisis facing Russia and quickly. There is no excuse for all the problems facing Russian women and the high infant mortality rates. These problems exist because the government has not prioritized womens' health issues. The Russian gov't can easily reverse this through the media whether it be radio, television or the internet. I think Russians should not be too arrogant to seek advice from French and German health experts in the field and pass it  on to Russian women. Here is my advice:
1.    Every Russian woman should take one tablespoon of  the omega 3 rich flax oil every day. The great German biochemist Dr. Johanna Budwig, mother of modern fat biochemistry in the body, discovered how the omega 3 fat works in the body - a monumental intellectual achievement. She condemned the  use of  exceedingly dangerous human cell wall disrupting solid marine and vegetable fats (hydrogenated fats or margarines). These are semi-plastics with indefinte shelf lives-natural fats turn rancid when oxidized. These semi-plastics are powerful free radical generators that cause all kinds of health issues; especially infertility and heart disease. Omega 3 fats are powerful enhancers of health, especially in making women fertile, in increasing the IQs of children, in cellular resperation, in mental health, in longevity etc. The list of benefits of omega 3 fats is enormous. Both our daughters were given flax oil on a regular basis and both have achieved goals we never thought possible. They have beautiful healthy and smart children.
2.    All human beings are infected by parasites (bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses, worms, flukes, etc). Our immune systems keep them in check when we eat health giving foods and drink plenty of water to flush them out. A weakened immune system leads to parasitic overgrowth and many different types of disease issues including cancer. In their own life cycles parasites (especially flukes) release growth hormones  that can trigger injured human cells to revert to anerobic fermentation rather than aerobic  oxidation in a low oxygen environment (Nobelist Otto Warburg) leading to unchecked tumor growth (cancer).  It is imperative that all Russian men and women and children, using either traditional or modern methods (herbs or electronic zappers), cleanse their bodies of parasites once or twice a year. A healthy body=a healthy mind=healthy children.
3.    Russia has an abundance of natural gas. That means every town should have winterized and heated green houses to supply fresh onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, parsely etc. to the local populations - these are readily available in Canada in winter. Russian women who are pregnant through the winter months are especially  vulnerable to vitamin and mineral deficencies. It is imperative that they get the Omega 3 oils from fatty fish or flax seed, the "B" vitamins; especially folic acid to prevent spinal problems in the fetuses, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin A and E, calcium and magnesium etc. . Exposure to the sun is a must.  Avoid all American fast food operations. They serve garbage foods laced with chemicals especially monosoduim glutamate which has caused an epidemic of obesity in North America. Their diet pops like Coke and Pepsi contain Aspartame and phosphoric acid and are obesity forming. Aspartame is an extremely dangerous brain damaging chemical and phosphoric acid dissolves bone making it brittle. Check all this info out on the internet.
4.     Oxygen is so important to life that we die within minutes if deprived of it. May I suggest Russian men and women soak their bodies in warm hydrogen peroxide baths for 30 minutes or so at a time. Normally 500 - 1000 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a bath tub is sufficient. We do it regularly. Some of the hydrogen peroxide readily passes into the body. It will either make you feel very tired or give you a real energy kick. You can also breath hydrogen peroxide carrying steam into your lungs to decongest them. You can even drink it-check out the internet for instructions.

Finally, to the Russian ladies reading this: eat poorly, feel poorly and eat well, feel well. You are what you eat.
Andy D.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova