Vincent Bemowski: Distortion of history

With pride in America, and our Armed Forces, I salute the vast majority of men & women who serve our country with honor in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world. May God bless them and their families. To allow the few who dishonor our country to become a reflection of our entire nation is to distort history. And to place the blame for their actions on their Commander n’ Chief, is an unfair assessment of the leadership qualities of our President. Were there not far greater scandals in previous administrations, and in the Catholic Church for its cover-up of priest’s sexual abuse crimes that continue to this day?

And if George W. Bush is also to be blamed for the intelligence breakdown that contributed to our nation going to war in Iraq, then Roosevelt should be condemned for Pearl Harbor, Truman for the use of atomic bombs against Japan, Johnson for the Tonkin Gulf lie that brought us into the Vietnam War, Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba, and especially Clinton for the moral decay that has infested our country regarding his adultery, approval of homosexuality, and his encouragement of the right to kill through deliberate abortion.

Our soldiers in Iraq are peacekeepers that have become victims of revenge and hatred by an unseen enemy who will even kill their own countrymen should it suit their mentally twisted goal of persuasion through terrorism. Therefore the silence by much of the world community (including the Vatican) concerning the acts of terrorism that have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent American soldiers makes no sense. Unlike those who lack discernment, our brave soldiers know that without our strong military presence, mobs would rule a country that has lost its desire for peace, and the entire Middle East would be affected.

Vincent Bemowski

Menasha, Wisconsin, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova