Iraq: the crowning glory of George W. Bush

The epitome of incompetence, the epitaph of a man who wishes to run for a second term
The most pathetic thing about George Bush is that he is convinced that he is right. Two illegal wars, thousands of innocent civilians slaughtered, war crimes, breach of the Geneva Convention are all swept away with sweeping statements like "The world is a better place".

The world is a better place after four years of mismanagement by the Bush regime? Where?


Bush's Freedom and Democracy campaign, winning hearts and minds through shock and awe tactics is a stunning reminder of how jingoistic and xenophobic beliefs held by simpletons, applied as crisis management policies by the organisms of a nation such as the USA, can step over the line containing the lunacy which has only been seen before in cases such as Hitler's Nazi Germany.

The slaughter of innocent civilians is there, the torture chambers are there, the targeting of civilian homes with Weapons of Mass Destruction is there, the murder of kids is there, the rape of countless innocent women is there.

It's all there, as Iraq descends into a spiral of chaos. Is Iraq a better country? Do Iraqis have job security like they had before? Are the civilian infrastructures better after they were targeted with precision weaponry? Is Iraq any more secure? Is Iraq free from the massacre of civilians? Is Iraq free from torture? Apparently not.

The legacy of Bush is that Iraq's society has been destroyed, the country's infrastructures have been trashed, the country is in chaos and brimming with terrorists. There is no connection whatsoever between Saddam Hussein and international terrorism and the Bush regime knew it all along.

The International Community

"The world is a better place". Is it? Never before has there been such a perceivable fear of attack against civilian targets in Europe, where millions necessary for social security programmes are spent on military security. Never before has the spectre of international terrorism hung over the continent.

Europe is not a safer place. It is much more dangerous and Washington's bullying and cajoling its NATO allies into supporting its illegal activities abroad has gone against the grain of public opinion and caused tragedy in Madrid.

The legacy of Bush in Europe is that he has fanned the fires of
anti-Americanism at a time when it was necessary to adopt a more intelligent approach, difficult or impossible for Bush to assume.


Are the United States of America any safer now than before Bush? Or has Bush's presidency antagonised practically every fanatic on the planet and goaded them into action against what is rightly seen as Washington's imperialism?

Do Americans feel safer now than four years ago? Is the economic situation in the country any better now than in 2000?

The moral and ethical question

George Bush and his regime have stuck a knife into the back of the diplomatic community. Washington's diplomacy these days is seen as intrusion, bullying, blackmail, forgery and barefaced lies.

George Bush and his regime lied systematically about any cause of war in Iraq. They lied to their nation, they lied to the international community, they lied to the world. Curiously, comparing Saddam Hussein and Bush, the one telling the truth was the former. About Bush we can now say "This man stiffed the world".

Tens of thousands of civilians have been murdered in cold blood. Cluster bombs have been dropped in civilian areas. DU weaponry has been deployed, leaving high radioactive levels in parts of Iraq. The Geneva Convention has been broken. Torture was committed on a widespread scale and with the full knowledge of high-ranking officials in the Bush regime. The UN Charter was broken by Washington, now derided as a pariah state in the world, which wants to move on in unison.

Washington has divorced itself and the American people from the hearts and minds of the international community. It is time for regime change.

This is the legacy of Iraq, the crowning glory in the crown of the clown, George W. Bush.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova