D Slavovich Ratz: Estonian men

Man tickling homosexuals are not limited to Estonia.  San Francisco that is about a one hour drive away from here is known for gays, and they are known as "fruit cakes" and "fairies".  Fairies are the Brit ones.  They tend to be friendly even while provocatively easy going with homosexual cravings.  They might give you a look on a public bus, but they're harmless from maybe doing occasional pinch to the buttocks on you, and even that's rare, because most are shy.
The situation is much different in Estonia-Latvia.  The long deprived homos due to strict Soviet law that forbad boy on boy love, and unfulfilled drooling desires that were left unsatisfied have let lose Hitler loving BDSM queers in Latvia & Estonia when these places seceded.

Latvian politicians are no exception to SS men rallies that are held in Latvia. 

That's enough about Nazi Regime pedophilia.  Let's look at the effects on the society there, and what it means for the future of ethnic Russian Latvians.  AIDS is spiraling out of control.  With these spec places having about 12,700 plague carriers just for People 2001, and that's not even including those that have died.  Death rate is 154.79143% that of birth rate (2004 est. according to "People". CIA for tiny Latvia (that borders larger Russia), and Estonia is not doing much better with death rate exceeding birth rate by over 35%!  Obviously the
population is not sustainable with current lifestyles.

Also Russian women are known worlwide for their beauty.  With their fair complexion, love of cooking at home, cultured yet modest attitude, highly educated at Universities, and holding esteemed professions it's no surprise that man cover the earth in search of them.  Furthermore, something like 94% of Russian women that come solely on marriage visas to America and marry American men end up staying together.  So clearly loyal if treated well.  Yet hundreds of thousands of these same women are officially "non-citizens", not even "second class citizens".  Being born in Latvia, having children there, and even being born from parents that were themselves born there still leaves beautiful ethnic Russian Latvian women excluded (no wonder American men have it good! woof, woof!).  Many of the Pravda readers with Russian wives know what I'm talking about... Yeah...  For small Latvia degraded women are a big chunk of the population.  500,000 non- citizens in a country of mire 2,306,306 is a big chunk.  (Fact: 
there are millions more women in Russia than men, and we sure like them regardless of ethnicity!)

I'm not surprised Estonian men feel oppressed by Russian women.  They don't like women 'occupying' them.    Before I was teenager I lived close to the beach, and my parents had a house with a large backyard.  There we had two dogs. 

One was a mixed dog, of a medium size, not small or too large, and was something like between old yeller and German shepherd.  The other dog was a German Shepherd.  The dogs were friendly, and great, but they were both male, and one
day we cut them doing it.  Less a female tends to do that.

To be fair I should mention some good news about Estonia.  Here goes, there are heterosexual Estonians.  Women join contests as volunteers to get laid by Estonian man! 

Estonian men are known for stealing panties from women.  "A 32-year-old Estonian man attacked a local woman in the street and ordered her to take her clothes off. According to police officers, the man was not going to rape the woman. He was hunting for her panties, which he wanted to steal from her and wear them himself."  "The man ordered her to get rid of her stockings and panties. When the criminal got those items in his hands, he ran away, having taken the woman's purse as well,  a  police officer said to local journalists."  "When the criminal was finally taken to the station (he was earlier convicted of theft and murder), the police officers were amazed to see that the man was wearing women's underwear. The man had to confess that he has been going crazy for women's underwear for ten years already."

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova