Dawn Hightree: Global warfare

Hey there in Russia and beyond.
We made it through another night without the end of the world by nuclear destruction or whatever might be headed our way.
I am writing in response to the letter regarding the border and the Chechen rebels.  I don't know much at all regarding hard facts.  But one thing that I want to stress is that things seem to be getting out of hand.  I think that the suggestion to up security over there is a great idea.  I think also that it is important to understand why these rebels have such sophisticated weapons.  What is really going on is what I would want to know if I lived in Russia.
From my view here in the U.S., it seems our President is really getting worked up over war on terror.  Now what is so difficult is understanding what the President is really fighting.  The more that this whole thing gets unveiled, some of what the President seems to be fighting for is things that hurt us all in the long run.
So right now, with his big declaration that he has a plan to end the terror, his recent visit to Oak Ridge, his discussion to the public of how the US will use nuclear weapons, and his decision to try to destroy the forest that are sustaining our oxygen - I am Alarmed.
If I was a leader of a country of all countries,  I would be in a massive state of Alarm.  I would become extremely protective of my territory.  I would try very hard to take a peaceful approach.  I would be very careful of what is being shipped into my country and has.  I would strongly urge all countries to do their best not to start a nuclear war even if it is first threatened to them.  I would also caution and be on the lookout for nuclear weapons being used against them.
I would urge safety for leaders to be very careful in their travels and only do so if they absolutely must. 
But, then, I am a super cautious person.  I have been put over the edge by it more than once.  So that is my advice, someone who is not a leader.
I have a hard time with the nuclear thing, knowing that it can hurt for many generations to come.  That takes a lot of lives and not only that but it harms the environment, so it hurts everyone, not just your so called enemy.  I don't know why our president is so bent on being at war.  I don't know why he won't just leave the country in Iraq and let NATO help the Iraqi people.  I don't know why that the US cannot see that it appears that we are doing more harm than good in this world.  Where is the good?  I am not seeing it and I know that I am not biased.  I don't know why because I am not the President.  Only he knows why and even then he may not really know.  But, one thing is for sure and that is that our President has said with a very determined air, that he has a plan to stop the terror (not claiming that he will stop the terror he is doing), and that he will use nuclear and biological warfare.  That's what I have heard in the last four times I have heard him speak.
So I just have to say if I was a leader of a country, I would buckle down, I would help the public in the best way possible if there is a way, to be aware of your surroundings and what is going on, I would most definately put a watch on where there is fighting on my land and I would do all I could to create a peaceful solution, I would most definately watch what comes in and out of my country - oh and don't forget to have fun.  I would also make sure that I go out listen to music have a few beers to relax but not too many and not without someone else who can take the reigns.  It's important to also celebrate the life we have with our friends and family.  Be alarmed but not to the point that there is no enjoyment left.  There has got to be a solution to the worlds problems,  We can do it hopefully we can at least try. 
With love from America,
Dawn Hightree

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova