D Slavovich Ratz: 18 soldiers of Chechen special forces killed by terrorists RESPONSE

I don't understand, where do Chechen terrorists get "grenades, 4 grenade cup discharges, laser target-pointer, cartridges, and many other weapons".  Are there laser target-pointer factories in Grozny?  There was talk like two years ago about Russian army resorting to using WWII ammunition because of low supplies.  Where do terrorists get so much diversified, ample, technologically advanced weaponry?

Middle Eastern people stand out like a sore thumb in Russia.  Before entry is allowed they undergo inspections, documents surrounding them are checked, and once in Russia they draw attention.  I haven't seen any report about 'weapons find' that was going through Kazakhstan to Russia.  It seems to always be 'weapons find' by Republic of Georgia.  I don't see how these murderers get these weapons within our country, because supplies are stretched as is.  So clearly all evidence points to Georgian border.  Why is it not successfully cut off? 
We are at the fifth year in the war and we can't cut off a small border?  I'm confused.

The only things that came to mind is during Russian absence forests in the area were supplied with weapons and camouflaged.  Then the question stands, are we out in the forests with metal detectors?  With the billions we are spending on military and defense what's a 100 million to layout cameras through the forest there?  Come night the night-vision cameras would kick in.  During fog info-red would show the enemy.  Even if the murderers cover themselves from a fire extinguisher to cool of and not give off any info-red, and try to get their hands on the weapons during fog to avoid night vision, the sound wave camera would still give their movements away anyway.  These cameras can be intermixed
and be throughout the forest.  Also are the Russian troops wearing bullet proof vests?  Americans mentioned that there would be 25% less casualties in Iraq if American soldiers wore vests.  Something really cost effective is the yellow sun-glasses that enhance vision.  Serbs are buying sun glasses for their dogs in Serbia, the least we could do is extend the benefit to human soldiers.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova