The Modern Realpolitik

The events of the last two years are a pitiful reminder that common decency and politics are divorced from each other
In the good old days, you could trust the British Prime Minister and the President of the United States of America to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. These days unfortunately it is not the case, rather one of lies, more lies and even more lies as the world descends into a hellish frenzy of collective lunacy orchestrated by Washington and to a certain extent, London.

In the good old days, if a politician made a mistake, which is only human, he apologised for it and placed his position at the disposal of his superior or resigned and allowed his electorate to decide. Not today.

Caught with their fingers in the chocolate box, Bush and Blair wriggle like the serpents they are, trying desperately to protect themselves and justify what they have done, instead of doing the decent thing (simply apologising and admitting that they made a mistake) and admitting they used blackmail, bullying, forgery, lies, cajoling and skullduggery as instruments of international diplomacy.

The argument was originally that Saddam Hussein had WMD and that he posed an immediate threat (45 minutes) to the USA, UK and their allies. This claim was backed up with "evidence", composed of satellite photographs, maquettes, arrows, "magnificent intelligence" and the statement that "We know where they are". Saddam Hussein was supposed to have links to Al Qaeda and was demonised to an extent that world public opinion was prepared for his removal.

Here was the next phase in the argument. As the lie unraveled and the truth came out - that the WMD never existed, that Washington knew very well that they did not exist, that Colin Powell lied through his teeth at the UN Security Council, that Blair and his cronies exaggerated the "evidence" and lifted a 12-year-old report from the Internet regarding Iraq's possible
state of preparedness - came the claim that "Oh well, it doesn't matter anyway because Saddam was a bastard and the world is better off".

The phrase "The world is better off" has been repeated thousands of times, along with the catch-phrases "Freedom and democracy".

This however is not an advertising campaign and world public opinion is not to be bombarded with subliminal images or messages, especially from this clique of war criminals and mass murderers, who violated international law, raped the diplomatic norms, disregarded the UNO, broke the UN Charter and even the Geneva Convention.

Who would have thought this was possible just a few years ago?

The fact is that crisis management cannot and must not be based upon contrived evidence cooked up to suit the interests of a clique of corporative elitists who surround a government and dictate its policy, along with the policy of other nations striving to gain the favour of the master across the lake or bending like cowards to Washington's blackmail, which is a synonym for its diplomacy these days.

The truth is that Bush and Blair are barefaced liars who stitched together a causus belli knowing it never existed. If they did not know, they are at least incompetent and should either resign or be impeached.

Bush and Blair are responsible for an illegal war in which thousands of people were murdered, in which tens of thousands of people were injured, in which precision weaponry was deployed against civilian infra-structures, in which WMD was deployed against residential areas, in which children were
placed at risk, in which DU munitions left areas of Iraq dangerously radioactive.

It is not enough, it cannot be enough, to shrug the shoulders and claim that the world is a better place. A causus belli must be based upon the solid foundations of a crystal-clear pretext, in response to a real and not a contrived threat.

That Bush and Blair can sit tight in their seats and claim they did the right thing is a telling comment upon the integrity of these two men (small m) and a chilling insight into the depths to which they and their regimes will sink.

This is the Realpolitik of today's world, which would be a much better place without Bush and Blair.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova