Andy D: Number of HIV-infected Russians reached a million RESPONSE

Dear Editor:
Several years ago an American pathologist produced  video called the "Strecker Memorandum" in which he exposed how American scientists produced the AIDS immuno-bioweapon virus at the request of WHO. Once a successful genetic combination of visna and leukemia viruses was brewed in human tissue culture, scientists had what was requested - the ultimate bioweapon.  This bioweapon was then added to smallpox and hepatitis vaccines that were used to inoculate Africans and gay populations on a huge scale. The rest is history. Dr. Strecker was murdered for his efforts. AIDS is only one of many bioweapons now circulating around the globe. Clearly sometime ago an order was given by the most powerful people on this planet to reduce the world population to less than a billion. That goal will probably reached this century.
The power elite can be defeated. The good news is that HIV/AIDS are completely curable. An American by the name of Ed. McCabe wrote a book copyrighted in 1988 called "O2XYGEN THERAPIES - A NEW WAY OF APPROACHING DISEASE" .  In his book he describes the various oxygen treatments for AIDS especially ozone. Ozonating blood and circulating it through the body will eliminate all pathogens. Similarly the intravenous use of hydrogen peroxide will eliminate all pathogens. These treatments are so cost efffective that the medical associations ban there use. Ed McCabe has been a real thorn to the establishment and was jailed on trumped up charges.
There is no excuse for a single Russian to die from HIV/AIDS. More than any other country, Germany leads in the use of ozone for treatment of disease. The Russian medical establishment has a duty to cure every HIV/AIDS patient. There is no excuse for doing otherwise. The cost is almost nil. Both ozone and hydrogen peroxide are readily available and very cheap and easy to use and apply medically.
In addition to oxygen therapies, a Royal Rife frequency generator set to the specific mortal oscillatory rate of the pathogens will destroy them throughout a patients a body in quick order. Of course the last thing doctors in the west want to do for their patients is make them well again.
Andy D.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova