Dawn Hightree: Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President;
It seems to me that for the Iraq people that it is in our best interest to leave their lands.  It seems that things have gotten to a point where America is not helping that country.  I am not over in Iraq.  I only come to my conclusions by what I read and feel.  I know it is hard at times to change one's course because we are used to maybe being the leader, possibly wrong sometimes, but the leader. 
Other military officials have moved their military out without any problems.  So when we are saying that even though their is a larger area of people who do not want us in their land, we are saying that we have to leave slow.
The thing is that it is possible that it is in our best interest for the long term to leave that country.  Again, I am not a military professional, but another thing that I am not is someone who is in a powerful position.  This can be a good thing because there is no pressure for me to make my observations from anything else such as politics, money, and greed.  I am coming from my heart and with concern for the Iraq people. 
I feel strongly that if we do leave that to insure our countries success that we make amends.  Think of these insurgents as the North against the South.  The South was wrong to have slavery.  You agree right?  Well I believe that these insurgents feel strongly that America is in the wrong.  Many Americans believe that we are in the wrong as well. 

Are we and we don't want to admit it?  Are we right but somehow can't make things work?  Is it in the Iraq people best interest to stay over there or not?
I guess the argument for not leaving is that democracy won't happen there.  It is a great idea to have democracy there.  I am sure with the right teacher over there without demanding with guns, that the Iraq government will decide whether they want democracy or not.  It is really hard for our country to sell democracy to others when we have done so much wrong.  There is no reason why other countries that have not come into a bad light over there, should not have some type of helping hand.  Again though, will they be pushy onto these people?  I think it would be good to address the fact that many different countries have been making mistakes as well and it is hard to trust anyone.  This may be what is the most comfortable for the Iraq people. Not to trust anyone until they recover from this.
Please don't forget that there are people there.  It is not just the government that you set up over there living there.  It is also the Iraq people.  Their voice should matter and although many are happy to be rid of Saddam, they are saying now that they are not happy with how the American's are doing things presently and have had enough.  Does it hurt to listen to that and so they are being ignored?    Or do you truly in your heart not care at all for the people, or anyone just your class your decisions for your life?  Believe I know how easy it is to be in denial.  I know what causes it from a psychological perspective.  Human beings are very sensitive creatures.  Our of the fear of punishment our brains will protect ourselves by deceiving ourselves.  Did you know that our brain does this?  Not many do.
If I can ever get on feet again, I promise that I will do all I can to help America not be hated by the world.  First there is honesty of our true problems, and then there is support that we work on these problems, then there is mutual respect for all countries.
What it looks like from out here is that you are not listening to the Iraq people because you don't care about them.  They don't want you there and if it is because they don't trust your government that so be it.  It doesn't mean you have to give up trying to sell democracy.  Not all salespersons who make sales have to use guns to do it.  They can be convinced without violence.  It may take time, it may not. It may never happen.  I don't know, but I do know that there were not always problems over there.  They did not originate just because they have different beliefs.  People can have different beliefs and still get along.
Do you think that countries around the world want to fight?  People just want to have fun, make babies, and enjoy life.  Do we want to be the ones that pressure people to want to fight, or ones that keep the peace the right way?
Just because we don't force democracy down their throat does not mean that it can't happen.  If they don't like the government you pick, so what.  Let them decide on who to pick.  I won't let our country down.  I don't hate America.  I don't hate any country.  I will be one American that will do all I can to help create other american's who try to help countries that are angry at us, see the light.  America is just as human as any other country and we make mistakes.
But to be able to keep this country safe, I believe it will be more easier if we no longer support nuclear energy (it has been proven unsafe regardless of whether the salesman of it declares that it is worth it because it is cheap), we need to work on environmental issues, organic food issues, laws that are unnecessary and hamper the people's evolvement, and put more money into the people/ not the military.
If we can become excellent at being a prosperous country the right way, and with how much we have fully integrated ourselves in the world population, then we can utilize our position for the greater good.
Believe me if we were giving more and taking less, people would love us.  If we made amends with the situation people would love us more than today. 
Let freedom Reign does not have to be a death sentence for the Iraq people.  We need to be proud of ourselves and we can't be proud of destroying innocent lives.  That is not right.  We can't be proud of taking what is not ours.  That is not right. Let's make things right over there.  Let's do the right thing.
I know I am no one.  I can't offer you money for your campaign.  I am not famous, so I am not influential.  But I am someone who obviously has shown that I care about this world.  I care deeply about the people in this world.  Is that not something?  Does that not count at all to you?  Let the Americans help their government by being someone that they care about too.
With love, 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova