Anonymous: Crisis in American leadership

History has proven in the past that size means nothing when it comes to ruling the world. Small size countries like Greeks, Mongols,  Romans, Spanish, and currently for two centuries or so the Irish or English have held the coveted world supreme power seat. However, it appears that this recent small group has recently been challenged by another similar small group of buccaneers, the Saudis. Obviously the new challengers have created havoc amongst the old order good-ol-boys, as seen in their recent finger pointing and shifting blame amongst themselves, including sackings of FBI and CIA chiefs, talks of changing US Presidents, Generals, and also abscondings/ embezzlements amongst their big money corporate elites. All
this seems to indicate that Erin's family is in a state of flux, confused and disorganized, while also obviously concerned not to lose some of their hereditary positions to fellow groups such as blacks, jews, orientals, slavs, and muslims. China for one obviously loves the present situation, for it has enabled them to continue obtaining choice economic, technological, and territorial concessions from this weakened ruling elite clique.

Maybe it is time to realize that unlike past, that we all live in a very small world overcrowded today and therefore, maybe it is a good time to start allowing other groups into the elite club. An America with an occasional black or Italian president would be nice to have today, with perhaps some more influx of other non-Irish people to cushy positions in the corporate world, CIA, FBI, and other federal and Sate agencies. This would also demonstrate that the "USA melting pot" theory works. This would definitely generate better cohesion of American interests in the world. After all, diversity results in evolutionary strenght. Otherwise, there is some prevailing feeling, similar
to one in china in the past, that the Mongols are running the show and outsiders are not welcome.

Anonymous PRAVDA reader

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova